Wuzhi Mountain Military Cemetery

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Coordinates: 25°8′2.75″N 121°37′0.27″E / 25.1340972°N 121.6167417°E / 25.1340972; 121.6167417

Wuzhi Mountain Military Cemetery
Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese
The cemetery is operated by the Military Supply Division of the Republic of China Armed Forces.

The Wuzhi Mountain Military Cemetery (Chinese: 五指山國軍示範公墓, literally Wuzhi Mountain National Military Model Public Cemetery) is Taiwan's most prominent military cemetery. The cemetery is located on Wuzhi Mountain (五指山) in Xizhi, New Taipei City and borders Taipei City's Neihu District and Yangmingshan National Park. General Chiang Wei-kuo, the adopted son of Chiang Kai-shek, conceived and designed the cemetery.[citation needed]

The cemetery has a wide open view ranging from the Taipei 101 over at Taipei's Xinyi District to the Keelung Harbor.

The cemetery, which has 9,417 grave plots, is nearly full; further deceased military officials will need to be cremated and their ashes stored in the columbarium.

Notable interments[edit]

Most are senior generals who served under KMT from mainland China or dignitaries

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