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View of Wyndham House from Plantation Road.

Wyndham House is a retirement home in North Oxford, England, run by the Wyndham Housing Association.[1]

Wyndham House was officially opened in June 1973 by Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.[2] Also in attendance were Fred Ingram, the Lord Mayor of Oxford, who was involved with the scheme to establish the project. Others present included Lady Jean Rankin, a lady-in-waiting, and the Duke and Duchess of Marlborough.

The facility replaced a home for elderly people in Banbury Road. The site was provided by St John's College, Oxford, who historically owned much of the land in the area, locally called Walton Manor. Originally, Wyndham House was a project of the British Red Cross although connection with the Red Cross ceased in 1976. It now has its own management committee.

Wyndham House is located on Plantation Road[3] and also abuts Leckford Place off Leckford Road. Opposite on Leckford Place are part of d'Overbroeck's College (for Year 7 to Year 11)[4] and a public house on the corner with Plantation Road, The Gardener's Arms.


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