Wynonna Earp

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"Home on the Strange" redirects here. For the song by Geddy Lee, see My Favourite Headache.
Wynonna Earp
Cover to issue #2
Publication information
Publisher IDW Publishing
First appearance Wynonna Earp # 1
(December 1997)
Created by Beau Smith
In-story information
Alter ego Wynonna Earp
Team affiliations US Marshals

Wynonna Earp is a fictional character and the eponymous lead of several comic book limited series. The character is a creator-owned property and was created by Beau Smith

Currently published by IDW Publishing, the character has been published in the past by Image, and Eclipse Comics.

Plot summary[edit]

Wynonna is a descendant of the famous lawman Wyatt Earp, and she's the top special agent for a special unit known within the US Marshals known as The Monster Squad. She battles such supernatural threats as Bobo Del Rey and his redneck, trailer-trash vampires that are pushing a new killer designer drug called "Hemo," and the Egyptian Mafia's mummy hitman, Raduk, Eater Of The Dead, who's out to do in all the other crime bosses. In her subsequent adventures she finished some outstanding Earp family business while dealing with Hillbilly Gremlins, and Zombie Mailmen alongside her fellow Marshalls.


  • The Complete Wynonna Earp (collects first mini-series, "Home on the Strange" and "Tales of Terror" appearances, 200 pages, IDW Publishing, 2005, ISBN 1-933239-01-8)

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