University Hospital of South Manchester

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University Hospital of South Manchester
University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust
Location Wythenshawe Hospital, Baguley, Wythenshawe, M23 9LT, Manchester, England
Care system NHS & South Manchester Healthcare Limited
Hospital type General
Affiliated university University of Manchester
Emergency department Level 1 Trauma Center
Beds 950 [1]
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The University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust (UHSM) is a major acute teaching hospital in Wythenshawe, south Manchester, England.[2] It provides services for adults and children at Wythenshawe Hospital and Withington Community Hospital (the latter owned by Manchester PCT). It recognised as a centre of clinical excellence, and provides district general hospital services and specialist tertiary services to its surrounding community.


Its fields of specialist expertise include cutting edge cardiac services based in the new North West Heart Centre [1].
The hospital has occupied a leading position in UK interventional cardiology, cardiac imaging, cardiac electrophysiology and cardiothoracic surgery for over four decades. One of only six UK heart and lung transplantation centres, it is now developing a rapidly evolving Ventricular Assist Device programme. Further nationally recognised departments include respiratory medicine, burns and plastics, as well as cancer and breast care services. The hospital is also recognised in the region and nationally for the quality of its teaching, research and development.[3] Major research programmes focus on cancer, lung disease, wound management and medical education.

UHSM has approximately 5,500 staff, including those employed by its private finance initiative partner South Manchester Healthcare Limited. In recent years the Trust has consistently demonstrated sound financial management and generated annual revenue surpluses on its income that are re-invested in services.[citation needed] It was the first hospital in the NHS to go from 0 ratings to 3 stars, after the introduction of a new system rating hospitals.[2] UHSM is top in the North West when it comes to patient satisfaction, and 6th best in the country.

2008 assessment

According to the last Healthcare Commission assessment in 2008, it was one of a few trusts in the North West to achieve 'excellent' ratings for both parts of the study, both use of resources and quality of services.[4] It also scored as follows in other parts of the report:

• 12/13 for safety and cleanliness
• 10/13 for waiting to be seen
• 5/5 for keeping the public healthy
• 9/9 for standard of care
• 9/10 for dignity and respect
• 17/17 for good management


The present Wythenshawe Hospital was built in the early years of the 21st century on the site of the former Baguley Sanatorium.[5] Many of the services and facilities previously at Withington Hospital were transferred here in 2004. Rebuilding was financed by one of the first Private Finance Initiatives, signed in 1998 with a 35 year stepped repayment profile. In June 2014 the Trust was forced to borrow £25 million from the Department of Health in order to meet the increased repayment.[6]


Coordinates: 53°23′19″N 2°17′31″W / 53.3887°N 2.2919°W / 53.3887; -2.2919