X-League Indoor Football

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X-League Indoor Football
Current season, competition or edition:
2014 X-League Indoor Football season
Sport Indoor football
Founded 2013
Commissioner Michael Mink
Director Michael Mink
President Kacee Smith
Inaugural season 2014
No. of teams 5
Country  United States
Related competitions Continental Indoor Football League
Founder Kacee Smith
Michael Mink
Official website XLeagueFootball.com

The X-League Indoor Football (XLIF) is a professional indoor football league set to begin its inaugural season in 2014. The league is co-chaired by Michael Mink and Kacee Smith.

The league was originally going to be known as the Xtreme Indoor Football League, but when LaMonte Coleman removed his teams (Marion Blue Racers and Columbus Beast), the league re-branded themselves as the X-League.[1] XIFL co-founder Andrew Haines, who had previously founded the Ultimate Indoor Football League and Atlantic Indoor Football League, left the XIFL before the league played its first game. Michael Mink, who had helped reorganize the AIFL into the American Indoor Football Association in 2007 and co it until its merger in late 2010, then partnered with Smith as co-owner. Three of the six inaugural teams are from the UIFL.

Rule differences[edit]

Unlike other Arena Football Leagues, the X-League will allow for the use of two back sets and a tight end. During the final minute of each half, scores on both offense and defense will count double. If a team's defense forces an interception, recovers a fumble or forces a turnover on downs, the team is awarded one point and eight points for a defensive score. The X-Dash (last used in the XFL) will be used to decide possession at the beginning of each half, kickoffs will remain in the game.[2] There will be no punting, but field goals will count for three points by placement and four points by drop kick (the same as the Arena Football League, except without that league's rebound nets); original plans for the league had also eliminated field goals, but these were restored to the rules before the first season began play.

The XLIF will have limited revenue sharing, evenly distributing expansion fees and league-wide sponsorship revenue to other teams.


Thus far, five teams have committed to play in the XLIF for 2014; three previously from the Ultimate Indoor Football League.


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