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XBIZ Award
Graphic XBIZ trophy.png
The XBIZ Award trophy
Sponsor XBIZ
Date 2003 (2003)
Country United States
Presented by XBIZ
Reward Trophy
First awarded 2003
Last awarded Present
Official website xbiz.com

XBIZ Awards are given annually to honor "individuals, companies, performers and products that play an essential part in the growth and success of adult entertainment".[1] Organized by the adult industry trade magazine XBIZ,[2] the awards were first given in 2003.[3] The award nominations are submitted by clients, and the winners are voted for by XBIZ staff, industry colleagues and participating organizations.[4] The awards were originally created to recognize achievement in the online adult industry, but in recent years video categories have been added.[5]


Achievement in Movie Production[edit]

Acting Performance[edit]

Jenna Jameson at the 2005 XBIZ Award Show.

Acting Performance (Female)[edit]

Best Actress – Feature Movie[edit]

Best Actress – Parody Release[edit]

Best Actress – Couples-Themed Release[edit]

Best Actress – All-Girl Release[edit]

Acting Performance (Male)[edit]

Best Actor – Feature Movie[edit]

Best Actor – Parody Release[edit]

Best Actor – Couples-Themed Release[edit]

Best Supporting Actress[edit]

Best Supporting Actor[edit]

Non-Sex Acting Performance[edit]

Affiliate Programs[edit]

Jesse Jane at the 2007 XBIZ Award Show.

Affiliate Program[edit]

Affiliate Program – Multi-Platform[edit]

  • 2011 CECash[6]
  • 2012 Gamma Entertainment[7]
  • 2013 Gamma Entertainment[8]
  • 2014 CECash[9]

Affiliate Program – Single-Platform[edit]

  • 2011 BlazingBucks[6]
  • 2012 PremiumCash[7]
  • 2013 CrakRevenue[8]
  • 2014 PaperStreetCash[9]

Dating Affiliate Program[edit]

European Affiliate Program[edit]

  • 2011 AdultWebmasterEmpire (AWE)[6]
  • 2012 AdultWebmasterEmpire (AWE)[7]
  • 2013 PartnerCash[8]
  • 2014 Manica Money[9]

Gay Affiliate Program[edit]

  • 2011 (tie) Buddy Profits and PrideBucks[6]

Live Cam Affiliate Program[edit]

  • 2012 IM Live / PussyCash[7]
  • 2013 AWEmpire[8]
  • 2014 PussyCash[9]

Mobile Affiliate Program[edit]

  • 2013 Affil4You[8]
  • 2014 Gamelink[9]

Porn Star Affiliate Program[edit]

  • 2011 FameDollars[6]

Retail Affiliate Program[edit]

Solo Girl Affiliate Program[edit]

  • 2011 TwistysCash[6]
  • 2012 TwistysCash[7]

Specialty Affiliate Program[edit]

  • 2011 Joanna Angel Bucks[6]
  • 2013 GroobyBucks[8]
  • 2014 MrSkinCash (MrSkin.com)[9]

Studio Affiliate Program[edit]

VOD Affiliate Program[edit]


All-Black Release[edit]

All-Black Series[edit]


Breanne Benson at the 2010 XBIZ Awards

All-Girl Release[edit]

All-Girl Series[edit]


All-Sex Release[edit]

All-Sex Series[edit]


Amateur Release of the Year[edit]

Amateur Series of the Year[edit]

  • 2013 Fuck A Fan (Immoral Productions/Pure Play Media)[8]

Pro-Am Release of the Year[edit]

  • 2014 Mother's Indiscretion (Forbidden Fruits Films/Exile Distribution)


Asian-Themed Release[edit]

  • 2012 Superstar Showdown 6: Asian Edition – Asa Akira vs. Katsuni (Reality Blue Media)[7]
  • 2013 I Am Asa (Porn Star Empire/Exile Distribution)[8]
  • 2014 I Am Asa 2 (Pornstar Empire/Exile)[9]

Asian-Themed Series[edit]


BDSM Release of the Year[edit]

  • 2014 Get My Belt (Pornfidelity/Juicy Entertainment)[9]

Best Art Direction[edit]

Best Editing[edit]

Best Music[edit]

Best Scene[edit]

Best Scene – Feature Movie[edit]

Best Scene – Parody Release[edit]

Best Scene – Gonzo/Non-Feature Release[edit]

Best Scene – Vignette Release[edit]

Best Scene – Couples-Themed Release[edit]

Best Scene – All-Girl Release[edit]

Best Special Effects[edit]

Billing Company/Payment Processor[edit]


  • 2012 CommerceGate[7]
  • 2013 CommerceGate[8]
  • 2014 CommerceGate[9]

Merchant Services[edit]

  • 2010 NETbilling[10]
  • 2011 CommerceGate-DHD Media[6]
  • 2012 NETbilling[7]
  • 2013 NetBilling[8]
  • 2014 OrbitalPay[9]

Business Development[edit]

  • 2008 Silvercash[10]
  • 2009 Sexentertain[10]



Content Provider[edit]

  • 2003 Matrix Content[10]
  • 2004 Video Secrets[10]
  • 2005 Matrix Content[10]
  • 2006 Webmaster Central[10]
  • 2007 World Wide Content[10]
  • 2012 AdultCentro[7]
  • 2013 AdultCentro[8]
  • 2014 AdultCentro[9]


Release of the Year[edit]

Line of the Year[edit]

Crossover Star[edit]

James Deen at the 2010 XBIZ Awards

Crossover Female Star[edit]

Crossover Male Star[edit]

Crossover Move[edit]

Design Company[edit]

  • 2003 Wyldesites[10]
  • 2004 Wyldesites[10]
  • 2005 Dickmans Design[10]
  • 2006 Wyldesites[10]
  • 2007 Wyldesites[10]

Design Studio[edit]

  • 2008 Dickmans Design[10]
  • 2009 Dickmans Design[10]
  • 2010 Blue Design Studios[10]
  • 2011 (tie) Dickmans Design and Wyldesites[6]
  • 2012 (tie) AdultDesign and Zuzana Designs[7]
  • 2013 Wolume Studios[8]
  • 2014 Zuzana Designs[9]

Director of the Year[edit]

Director of the Year – Body of Work[edit]

Director of the Year – Individual Work/Feature Release[edit]

Director of the Year – Non-Feature Release[edit]

Director of the Year – Parody[edit]

Director of the Year – European[edit]

  • 2013 Max Candy[8]
  • 2014 Herve Bodilis[9]

Emerging Company[edit]

Emerging Studio[edit]

Emerging Web Company[edit]

Ethnic Release[edit]

European Release[edit]

Feature Release[edit]

Non-Feature Release of the Year[edit]

Executive Leadership[edit]

Executive Leadership – Retail[edit]

  • 2011 Theresa Flynt (Hustler Hollywood)[6]

Executive Leadership – Video[edit]

  • 2011 Moose (Girlfriends Films)[6]

Executive Leadership – Web[edit]

  • 2011 Brad Estes (Video Secrets) and Harmik Gharapetian (Epoch)[6]
  • 2012 Gary Jackson, CCBill[7]

Feature Director[edit]

Feature Movie[edit]

Female Performer of the Year[edit]

Foreign Female Performer[edit]

Girl/Girl Performer[edit]

Feminist Porn[edit]

Feminist Porn Release of the Year[edit]


Fetish Release[edit]

  • 2012 Odd Jobs 5 (Belladonna Entertainment / Evil Angel)[7]
  • 2013 Fetish Fanatic 10 (Belladonna Entertainment/Evil Angel)[8]
  • 2014 Samantha 38G & Friends 2 (Sensational Video)[9]

GLBT Awards[edit]

The GLBT in the title refers to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual people.

GLBT Web Company of the Year[edit]



Feature Movie[edit]



Transsexual Director[edit]

Transsexual Performer[edit]

Transsexual Release[edit]

Transsexual Studio[edit]


Gonzo Director[edit]

Gonzo Release[edit]

Gonzo Release – Non-Feature[edit]

Gonzo Series[edit]



  • 2010 Greg Clayman, Chuck Tsiamis (VideoSecrets)[citation needed]
  • 2011 Mitch Farber, (Netbilling); Dan Hogue, (DateCamCash); Allan Henning, (Dating Gold)[6]

Innovative Web/Tech Company[edit]

  • 2010 RedLightCenter.com[10]

Innovative Web/Tech Product[edit]


Interracial Release[edit]

Interracial Series[edit]


Latin-Themed Release[edit]

Latin-Themed Series[edit]

Industry Contribution[edit]

Movie Production[edit]

Live Cam Company[edit]

  • 2011 Streamate[6]

Live Feed Company[edit]

Male Performer of the Year[edit]

Foreign Male Performer[edit]

Marketing Campaign of the Year[edit]

Marketing Campaign (Company)[edit]

  • 2010 The Screaming O[10]
  • 2011 eMerchantPay[6]
  • 2012 (Tie) The Screaming O "Studio Collection" & Sportsheets "Sex & Mischief"[7]

MILF Performer[edit]

Mobile Company[edit]


New Male Performer/Male Newcomer[edit]

New Series of the Year[edit]

New Starlet[edit]

New Studio of the Year[edit]

Online Marketing and Promotion[edit]

Pleasure Products[edit]

Alternative Product[edit]

  • 2011 Mia Isabella Collection (Pipedream Products)[6]
  • 2012 Stockroom "Mike's Spikes"[7]
  • 2013 A.L. Enterprises "CB-6000S"[8]

BDSM Pleasure Products Company[edit]

BDSM – Soft Bondage Line of the Year[edit]


Company, International-Based[edit]

Company, Boutique[edit]

  • 2014 tyes.by.tara[9]

Company, New[edit]

  • 2013 Masque[8]
  • 2014 BodiSpa[9]

Couples Pleasure Product[edit]

  • 2013 Fixsation "Couples Vibe and Panty"[8]
  • 2014 Pulse, "Hot Octopuss"[9]

Crossover Novelty Company[edit]

  • 2011 The Screaming O[6]

Discreet Product/Line[edit]

  • 2014 The Screaming O, "Mustachio"[9]

Fetish Product/Line[edit]

Game/Bachelorette Product[edit]

  • 2014 Pipedream Products "Masturbating Midget-Man Wind-Up Doll"[9]

Gay/Lesbian Pleasure Product[edit]

Innovative Product[edit]

Innovative Product – Design[edit]

  • 2012 Fun Factory USA "Yooo"[7]
  • 2013 Jopen "Intensity"[8]
  • 2014 NS Novelties "Infinit"[9]

Innovative Product – Technology[edit]

  • 2012 Standard Innovation Corp. "We-Vibe 3"[7]
  • 2013 Fleshlight "Vstroker"[8]
  • 2014 Fun Factory "Stronic EINS"[9]

International-Based Pleasure Products[edit]

  • 2012 Shunga[7]

Lingerie/Apparel Collection[edit]

  • 2013 Pipedream Products "Fetish Fantasy Lingerie"[8]
  • 2014 Rene Rofe "Signature Collection"[9]

Lingerie/Apparel Company[edit]

Luxury Toy/Line[edit]

Male Pleasure Product[edit]

Marketing Campaign[edit]

New Pleasure Products Company[edit]

  • 2012 Wet For Her[7]

Novelty/Sex Toy Company[edit]

Packaging Excellence[edit]

  • 2014 Jopen[9]

Progressive Company[edit]

  • 2014 Crave[9]

Sensual Bath & Body Product[edit]

  • 2014 "Sexy Sampler", Kama Sutra[9]

Sensual Accessory/Product Line[edit]

Sex Lubricant[edit]

  • 2012 Sliquid[7]
  • 2013 Sliquid[8]

Sex Toy - Powered[edit]

  • 2014 nü Sensuelle, Impulse[9]

Sex Toy - Non-Powered[edit]

  • 2014 Ceramix Pleasure Pottery No. 4, Pipedream[9]

Sexual Enhancement Product[edit]

  • 2014 Max 4 Men Max Vitality Sensual Stamina Treatment, Classic Erotica[9]

Sexual Enhancement Product Manufacturer[edit]

  • 2010 Beamonstar[10]
  • 2011 Sex Voltz Beamonstar[6]

Sexual Supplement Product Company[edit]

  • 2012 Empowered Product[7]

Sexual Wellness Product[edit]

Specialty Product/Line[edit]

  • 2014 Bathmate "Hydromax"[9]

Star Branded[edit]

Stimulant/Lubricant Company[edit]

  • 2011 Shunga[6]
  • 2014 Pjur USA[9]

Toy Manufacturer[edit]

  • 2010 Pipedream Products[10]
  • 2011 California Exotic Novelties[6]

Parody Release[edit]

Parody Release of the Year[edit]

Parody Release-Comedy[edit]

Aiden Ashley at the 2012 XBIZ Award show

Parody Release-Drama[edit]

People's Choice[edit]

Female Porn Star[edit]

Male Porn Star[edit]

Best New Starlet[edit]

Feature Movie[edit]

Gonzo Movie[edit]

Porn Parody[edit]

Porn Site[edit]

Porn Studio[edit]

Porn Director[edit]

Web Babe[edit]

Performer Comeback[edit]

Retail & Distribution[edit]


  • 2009 Castle Megastores[10]
  • 2010 Hustler Hollywood[10]
  • 2011 Castle Megastores[6]

Retailer – Boutique[edit]

  • 2011 Good Vibrations[6]
  • 2012 The Pleasure Chest[7]
  • 2013 Good Vibrations[8]
  • 2014 Coco de Mer[9]

Retailer – Chain (10+ Stores)[edit]

Retailer – Online – Full Range[edit]

Retailer – Online – Pleasure Products[edit]

  • 2013 Eden Fantasys[8]
  • 2014 Fleshlight.com[9]

Retailer – Online – Specialty[edit]

  • 2014 Stockroom.com[9]

Retailer – Progressive[edit]

  • 2014 Good Vibrations[9]

Wholesaler/Distributor – Full Range[edit]

  • 2011 IVD/East Coast News[6]
  • 2012 Eldorado[7]
  • 2013 International Video Distributors/East Coast News[8]
  • 2014 International Video Distributors/East Coast News[9]

Wholesaler/Distributor – International[edit]

  • 2013 Pink Cherry Wholesale[8]
  • 2014 Eropartner Distribution[9]

Wholesaler/Distributor – Pleasure Products[edit]

  • 2013 Entrenue[8]
  • 2014 Entrenue[9]

Wholesaler/Distributor — Progressive[edit]

  • 2014 Honey's Place[9]

Wholesaler/Distributor – Specialty[edit]

  • 2011 Stockroom[6]
  • 2012 Paradise Marketing[7]
  • 2013 Paradise Marketing[8]

Screenplay of the Year[edit]

Software Company[edit]

Special Honorees[edit]

Advocate of the Year[edit]

  • 2006 Greg Piccionelli[10]

ASACP Service Recognition[edit]

The ASACP in the title refers to Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection.



Eros Progressive Business[edit]

  • 2011 Angelo Abela (Sexyland)[6]
  • 2012 Windsor Wholesale Australia & Swiss Navy[7]
  • 2013 Rob Godwin (Sexpo International, Australia)[8]

FSC Award[edit]

FSC Leadership[edit]

FSC Netizen[edit]

Honorary Legal[edit]

  • 2007 Jeffrey J. Douglas[10]

Industry Achievement[edit]

Industry Humanitarian Award[edit]

  • 2010 Steve Bryson (OrbitalPay)[10]

Industry Icon[edit]

Industry Innovator[edit]

Industry Pioneer[edit]

  • 2009 Ron Levi (CE Cash)[10]

Industry Pioneer – Novelty/Pleasure Products[edit]

Industry Pioneer – Retail[edit]

  • 2012 Mark Franks (Castle Megastore)[7]
  • 2014 Morton Hyatt (Komar Company)[9]

Industry Pioneer – Web & Technology[edit]

  • 2012 Kim Nielsen, ATKingdom[7]
  • 2014 György Gattyán (Adult Webmaster Empire)[9]

Lifetime Achievement[edit]

Man of the Year[edit]

Outstanding Achievement[edit]

Special Memorial[edit]

  • 2009 Frank Cadwell, Joann Cadwell[10]

Woman of the Year[edit]

Specialty Release of the Year[edit]

Studio of the Year[edit]

European Studio[edit]

Feature Studio[edit]

Fetish Studio[edit]

Gonzo Studio[edit]

Parody Studio[edit]

Traffic Services Company[edit]

  • 2010 EroAdvertising[10]
  • 2011 JuicyAds[6]
  • 2012 EroAdvertising[7]
  • 2013 ExoClick[8]
  • 2014 JuicyAds[9]


Vignette Release of the Year[edit]

Vignette Series of the Year[edit]

Virtual Sex Product[edit]

  • 2011 Vstroker[6]

VOD Company[edit]


Original Web Content[edit]

Progressive Company[edit]

  • 2014 CCBill[9]

Web Babe/Web Star[edit]

Web Host[edit]

  • 2003 Mach10 Hosting[10]
  • 2004 Webair[10]
  • 2005 Split Inifinity[10]
  • 2006 Split Inifinity[10]
  • 2007 National Net[10]
  • 2008 Webair[10]
  • 2009 MojoHost[10]
  • 2010 Cavecreek[10]
  • 2011 MojoHost[6]
  • 2012 MojoHost[7]
  • 2013 MojoHost[8]
  • 2014 MojoHost[9]

Web Show[edit]

  • 2005 RainMaker[10]

Web Sites[edit]

Adult Site (Multi-Genre)[edit]

BDSM Site[edit]

  • 2014 DivineBitches.com[9]

Dating Program/Site[edit]

Fan Portal Site[edit]

  • 2014 FreeOnes.com[9]

Fetish Site[edit]

  • 2014 Clips4Sale.com[9]

Gay Site[edit]

Glamcore Site[edit]

  • 2014 Babes.com[9]

Live Cam Site[edit]

MILF Site[edit]

Mobile Site[edit]

  • 2012 iPinkVisual.com/PinkVisualPad.com[7]
  • 2013 LiveJasmine.com[8]
  • 2014 LiveJasmin.com[9]

Photography Site[edit]

  • 2013 Twistys.com[8]
  • 2014 HollyRandall.com[9]

Pornstar/Performer Site[edit]

Retail Site/Web Retailer[edit]

Solo/All-Girl Site[edit]

  • 2011 Met-Art.com[6]
  • 2012 AbbyWinters.com[7]

Specialty/Alternative Site[edit]

Studio Site[edit]

Transsexual Site[edit]

  • 2012 WendyWilliamsXXX.com[7]
  • 2013 TrannyBox.com[8]
  • 2014 EvaLinXXX.com[9]

VOD Site[edit]


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