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Web address
Type of site
Registration Optional
Owner Penton Media
Created by Jason Brown
Launched 2000
Current status Inactive

Xbox365 was the longest running gaming media web site dedicated to the Microsoft Xbox and Xbox 360 platforms.[citation needed] Launching 12 months before the November 2001 launch of the console, XBOX365 attained notoriety on the Xbox campus at Microsoft with a series of insider articles detailing the inner workings of the console. Main stream news coverage included MSNBC, the Wall Street Journal and The Sun tabloid newspaper in the UK.

Xbox365 was founded in 2000 by Jason "UtahSaint" Brown, Mike "Gizmo" Brown and Paul "Gemini" Gurnhill. The site was purchased by Penton Media in 2004 and merged into the Connected Home division. The site remains focused on the Xbox 360 and Xbox platforms with an active fan-base of over 50,000 registered members discussing other Consoles and Gaming devices, Art and Entertainment, Political forum, Sports and Auto forum, Electronics and the famous Off Topic Lounge.