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XBR is Sony’s highest performance series of BRAVIA LCD, and formerly, Trinitron CRT and WEGA Plasma televisions featuring advanced features and progressive industrial design. According to Sony, XBR is an acronym for eXtended Bit Rate, although there is evidence that it originally stood for “Project X, Black Remote” which was supposed to set it apart from the then-standard line of Sony televisions.[1] The XBR range is typically derived from equipment that has been released in Japan and Europe as mid and high-end models, usually with some small upgrades. For example, in Europe and Japan, the Sony X-Series 1080p TVs had two HDMI inputs, whereas on the American XBR version, there were three. An XBR may cost up to US$25,000.

XBR models usually are denoted by a series number, particularly in the BRAVIA line.

  • XBR4 & XBR5 - the screen is surrounded by a glass frame and offers a 120-Hertz refresh rate, (XBR4 has optional interchangeable color meshes).
  • XBR6 - a 120-Hertz model featuring a floating customizable lower speaker, USB input, and DLNA photo player.
  • XBR7 - a transitional series of models including a 52-inch 240-Hertz model and a mammoth 70-inch model. This series uses normal CCFL backlighting.
  • XBR8 (2008) - a 120-Hertz model featuring the Triluminos LED backlighting and floating customizable side speakers.
  • XBR9 (2009) - a 240-Hertz model[2] including enhanced DLNA capabilities and built in internet video features.
  • XBR10 (Late 2009) - a 240 Hz thin LCD panel with LED edge-lighting and wireless 1080p connectivity via an included transmitter and receiver.
  • XBRHX909 (2010) - 240 Hz, Full-Array LED backlighting with local dimming (Intelligent Dynamic LED), Internet streaming features, and optional Active RF 3D via a separate transmitter. The first model to incorporate Sony's "Monolith" design, wherein the TV is composed of a single pane of black glass. Available in 46-inch and 52-inch sizes.
  • XBRLX900 (2010) - 240 Hz edge-lit LED with Monolith design. Included built-in wi-fi along with an integrated 3D transmitter and 2 pairs of active glasses. Also included a low-resolution camera that acted as a presence/proximity sensor. Available in 52-inch and 60-inch sizes.
  • XBRHX929 (2011) - Featured streamlined Monolith design using Corning Gorilla Glass. 240 Hz refresh with Motionflow XR960 rating, Full-Array LED backlighting with local dimming (Intelligent Peak LED), presence sensor, X-Reality PRO image processing, Active 3D (RF). Available in 46-inch, 55-inch, and 65-inch sizes.
  • XBRHX950 (2012) - Minor refresh of the HX929 with a newer, more rounded Monolith design and pedestal. Available in 55-inch and 65-inch.
  • XBRX900A (84" version) (2012) - 84-inch 4K UHD (3840x2160 resolution) LED-edge-lit panel with local dimming. 240 Hz refresh rate with Motionflow XR960. Passive 3D with SimulView gaming, X-Reality PRO with XCA8-4K upscaling chip, detachable 50w speaker system. Sony includes a 4K media server and Xperia tablet remote control with this model.
  • XBRX900A (2013) - 4K UHD resolution, 120 Hz/XR960, edge-lit LED with local dimming featuring TRILUMINOS quantum dot technology. Passive 3D with SimulView, 4K X-Reality PRO, non-detachable speaker system. Compatible with FMP-X1 4K Media Server (not included). Available in 55-inch and 65-inch. Upgradeable to HDMI 2.0 via firmware update.
  • XBRX850A (2013) - 4K UHD resolution, TRILUMINOS quantum dot technology, 120 Hz/Motionflow XR960, edgle-lit with local dimming LED. This model does not include the glass front or the speaker system of the X900A models. Includes HDMI 2.0 compliant and Active 3D. Available in 55 and 65 inches.
  • XBRX850B (2014) -4K UHD resolution, Triluminos, HEVC for 4K streaming,PlayStation Now ready, Frame Dimming, 3D: Passive (49, 55, 65), Active (70). Available in 49", 55", 65", and 70".
  • XBRX900B (2014) -4K UHD resolution, Triluminos, HEVC for 4K streaming,Playstaion Now ready, X-Tended Dynamic Range (edge-lit local dimming), Wedge (tapering) design with side-mounted magnetic fluid speakers, 3D: Active (55", 65"), Passive (79"). Available in 55", 65", and 79".
  • XBRX950B (2014)-4K UHD resolution, Triluminos, HEVC for 4K streaming,PlayStation Now ready, X-Tended Dynamic Range Pro (Full-Array LED backlight with local dimming), Active 3D. Available in 65" and 85".