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Logo sjrtv.png
Guadalajara, Jalisco, México
Branding C7 Jalisco
C7 Noticias (Newscasts)
Channels Analog: 7 (VHF) in Guadalajara
Digital: 40 (UHF)
Translators see below
Owner Sistema Jalisciense de Radio y Televisión
(Estado de Jalisco)
Founded January 16, 1991
Website www.sjrtv.jalisco.gob.mx

XHGJG-TV channel 7, also known as C7, is a public television station serving Guadalajara, Jalisco, México.[1] Operated by the Sistema Jalisciense de Radio y Televisión, it is owned by the State of Jalisco. Its programming is primarily cultural and educational content and its signal reaches much of western México as well as being seen outside México via DirecTV.


Channel 7 Television was inaugurated, along with the System Jalisciense de Radio and Televisión, on January 16, 1991.

It is focused mainly toward development of mass media for benefit of the Jalisciense people and the promotion of the cultural arts. Lic. Jesus Burgos Lopez, as director-general of the System Jalisciense de Radio and Televisión, was responsible for the restructuring of the channel and its content for five years, ending with relocation of the station to its present facilities in the Edificio México.


C7 programming is broadcast statewide terrestrially across Jalisco, as well as by satellite.

Callsign Ch # Community ERP
XHGZG-TV 12 Ciudad Guzman, Jalisco 350W
XHGJG-TV 7 Guadalajara, Jalisco 325 kW



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