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Pachuca, Hidalgo, México
Branding Canal 3 Hidalgo
Channels Analog: 3 (VHF)
Translators see below
Owner Radio y Televisión de Hidalgo
(Estado de Hidalgo)
Website radioytv.hidalgo.gob.mx

Canal 3 Hidalgo (XHPAH-TV) is a public television station serving the Mexican state of Hidalgo.

Canal 3 programming primarily consists of cultural and educational content.


Operated as Radio y Televisión de Hidalgo, Canal 3 and a statewide group of repeater stations are owned by the State of Hidalgo.

XHPAH-TV 3 Pachuca 9.32 kW
XHZAH-TV 5 Zacualtipan 1 kW
XHPFH-TV 6 Pisaflores 1 kW
XHTUH-TV 6 Tulancingo 1.5 kW
XHTOH-TV 6 Tepeapulco 1.03 kW
XHAMH-TV 6 Atotonilco 1 kW
XHIXM-TV 7 Ixmiquilpan 2.04 kW
XHMOH-TV 7 Molango 1 kW
XHTHI-TV 8 Tula 1.08 kW
XHTDA-TV 10 Tenango de Doria 1 kW
XHHUH-TV 13 Huejutla de Reyes 3.06 kW