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PT XL Axiata Tbk
Type Public company
Traded as IDXEXCL
Industry Cellular service provider
Founded October 6, 1989
(under the name of PT Grahametropolitan Lestari)
Headquarters Jakarta, Indonesia
Key people Hasnul Suhaimi, CEO
Products Telecommunications services
Revenue IDR 21,265 billion[1]
Net income IDR 1,033 billion[1]
Employees 2,021 (2013)
Parent Axiata Group
Website www.xl.co.id

PT XL Axiata Tbk,[2] doing business as XL (formerly PT Excelcomindo Pratama Tbk), is an Indonesia-based mobile telecommunications services operator.[3] The operator's coverage includes Java, Bali, and Lombok as well as the principal cities in and around Sumatra, Kalimantan and Sulawesi. XL offers data communication, broadband Internet, mobile communication and 3G services over GSM 900 and GSM 1800 networks.

Initially XL provided cellular mobile telephony services using the GSM 900 technology. A few years after launching services, the company was awarded a license for implementing a DCS 1800 network, and to operate an ISP and VoIP service.
In 2006, XL obtained a 3G license, which services launched in September of the same year.

At the end of 2010, the company had more than 40 million subscribers with more than 22,000 BTS towers across Indonesia.[4]


Excelcomindo was established on 6 October 1989 under the name of PT Grahametropolitan Lestari and originally was a trading and general services company.[5]
XL became the first private mobile services operator in the country, starting commercial operations on 8 October 1996.
In 2009, XL was bought by the Axiata Group which caused a change of logos. The XL letters were made blue, and an Axiata tag was added on to the logo.
In October 28, 2014, XL launched the new logo with the launch of Real Mobile 4G LTE network service.

Original Pro XL logo used from October 8, 1996 until June 1, 2004. The 'Pro' name tag was added on to the logo in 1998.
Previous XL logo used from June 1, 2004 until October 28, 2014. This version had the logo italized in June 2006 and an Axiata tag was added on to the logo in June 2009.


Pro XL (1997–2004)[edit]

XL (2004-now)[edit]

  • XL, Membuat Dunia Extra Small (25 June 2004 - 12 February 2006)
  • XL, Jangkauan Luas (13 February 2006 - 31 December 2007)
  • XL, Nyambung Teruuus (1 January 2008 - 9 February 2009)
  • XL, Unlimited (10 February 2009 – 10 May 2010)
  • XL, Facebook (11 May 2010 – 10 August 2010)
  • XLalu (11 August 2010 - 31 October 2011)
  • XLangkah Lebih Maju (1 November 2011 – 31 January 2013)
  • XL, Internet Tercepat (1 February 2013 - 27 October 2014)
  • Sekarang, Bisa! (28 October 2014 - now)

XL Jempol[edit]

  • XL Jempol, Bisa Bisa Aja (1 June 2004 - now)


  • XL BEBAS, Kartu Iritkan (1 June 2004 - now)

High-bandwidth fibre-optic cable[edit]

Telekom Malaysia, Mora Telematika and XL Axiata has been working cooperatively to build a high-bandwidth fibre-optic submarine cable, which will stretch 400 kilometers, between the state of Malacca and Batam, through Dumai with a total cost of $7.6 million USD.[6] Lead by Huawei Marine Networks, the cables will be completed at Q4 2011.[7]

XL Axiata, in partnership with Nextgen Group and 3 other partners, build Australia-Singapore Cable to connect Australia, Indonesia and Singapore. XL Axiata has a submarine beach cable facility and submarine cable landing station in Anyer, Banten to connect Australia-Singapore Cable to Indonesia.[8]


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