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Developer(s) IDBS
Stable release 4.3.2 / 2008
Operating system Windows
Type Curve fitting, Data Analysis
License Proprietary software
Website XLfit Product Page

XLfit is a Microsoft Excel-based plug-in which allows curve fitting and statistical analysis. XLfit generates 2D and 3D graphs and analyses data sets produced by any type of research. XLfit’s curve fitting engine allows linear and non-linear curve fits, smoothing, statistics, weighting and error bars.

XLfit includes over seventy linear and non-linear curve fitting models. Predefined categories include:

A range of statistical calculations can also be applied to the data from within the spreadsheet.

Example statistics include:

Available statistics models include Spearman's Rank Correlations, Student's T-Test, Mann Whitney U-Test, Sum of Squares[disambiguation needed], ANOVA, among others.

XLfit 4 was validated by The UK National Physical Laboratory[1] in 2004

Version History[edit]

  • 2002.8 XLfit 2.0.11
  • 2002.5 XLfit 3.0.2
  • 2003.11 XLfit 4.0.1 [2][3]
  • 2005.6 XLfit 4.1.1
  • 2005.6 XLfit 4.2.0
  • 2008.7 XLfit 4.3.2
  • 2009.4 XLfit 5.1.0

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