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Type Private
Industry Internet service provider
Founded Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S. (October, 1993)
Founders Pete Ashdown
Headquarters Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.
Number of locations 1 office, 1 data center (December, 2007)
Area served Worldwide
Key people Pete Ashdown (Founder, President)
Services Internet access
Data center
Web hosting service
Email hosting
Virtual private server
Hosted PBX
Owners Pete Ashdown
Jan Ashdown
Employees 44 (December, 2007)
Website XMission.com

XMission was the first and is one of the few remaining independent Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Utah, United States, founded in late 1993 by Pete Ashdown.[1][2] Starting in 2003, the company began providing free wireless internet in public libraries and some local businesses. By the Summer of 2005, XMission worked out an agreement with Salt Lake City government to expand free wireless to many parts of downtown Salt Lake City, Utah.[3][4][5] XMission also provides streaming support for radio stations, including NPR affiliate KCPW-FM and independent radio station KRCL.

XMission also provides free accounts to hundreds of non-profit organizations and sponsors many events, including the Utah Open Source Conference,[6] the Living Planet Aquarium, the Living Traditions Festival, the Utah Arts Festival, and the Twilight Concert Series.[7]

XMission has a policy of refusing requests by government agencies to monitor its customers without a warrant.[8][9][10]

The company announced in late 2007 that it would be upgrading to 100% renewable energy, provided by Rocky Mountain Power's Blue Sky program.[7] This move makes the company the first ISP in Utah to use entirely environmentally friendly power.[11][12]


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