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XS Games, LLC is a New York-based publisher of value priced video games, operating in North America and Europe. They are exclusively distributed by Take 2 Interactive and Jack of All Games in the U.S.[1] They have not released any new products since 2011 and their corporate phone number has been disconnected, though their web site is still active. It is possible the company is no longer in operation.

The founder and owner of XS Games, LLC is Steve Grossman. Grossman is a controversial figure, as he has been sued several times by companies alleging misrepresentation, breach of contract, trademark infringement, and questionable/fraudulent business practices. [2] Grossman typically conceals his business practices through the corporate shield of several LLC's and corporate identities such as 5381 Partners LLC, XS Games LLC, and Tall Licensing Limited. [3] [4]


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Mobile Light Force[edit]

In the 2000s, XS localized two unrelated Japanese shooter games to North America, rebranding them under the Mobile Light Force name. The first Mobile Light Force was a PlayStation version of Gunbird, while Mobile Light Force 2 was the PlayStation 2 version of Shikigami No Shiro. Both are very poorly regarded by fans of the genre, since XS removed many important features from the games (most notably all of their in-game plot).

XS also translated Shikigami No Shiro II, and released it for the PlayStation 2 under its own name, Castle Shikigami 2.


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