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Launched 2 November 2005
Closed 8 April 2006
Owned by MTV Networks Europe
Replaced by MTV Flux

XXXX was a short-lived television channel in Italy. It was owned by MTV Networks Europe. It closed on 8 April 2006 and was replaced by MTV Flux.


On 1 November 2005, Telemarket from Italy ceased terrestrial transmissions via analogue means. From now on it was only be available on satellite and DVB-T. Terrestrial frequencies have been replaced by a rather weird testcard from, and it was also available via satellite.

The next day, a mysterious testcard from last night had surprisingly turned into XXXX, a new indie music channel from MTV Italy. It might have been the Italian version of MTV2 in its pre-launch state, because an MTV2 ident had been spotted and also a short new music bulletin made by 'La7 Televisioni s.p.a.' which was tightly connected to MTV Italia, because it's fully part of Telecom Italia Media, which also owns 51% of MTV Italia. In addition, on satellite the provider of the channel is identified as TIMB1, and TIMB means Telecom Italia Media Broadcasting.

Five months later, a countdown had started on Flux. The next day, MTV Flux launched. To promote this, Flux has added a caption 'FLUX.TV' near the existing logo on 28 April 2006.