Xacbal Dam

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Xacbal Dam
Official name Planta Hidroeléctrica Xacbal
Location Chajul (El Quiché)
Coordinates 15°37′22″N 91°05′04″W / 15.62278°N 91.08444°W / 15.62278; -91.08444Coordinates: 15°37′22″N 91°05′04″W / 15.62278°N 91.08444°W / 15.62278; -91.08444
Construction began April 2007
Opening date August 2010
Construction cost US$ 250 million
Operator(s) Hidro Xacbal, S.A.
Dam and spillways
Impounds Xacbal River
Height 10.35 m
Total capacity 700,000 m³

The Xacbal Dam (Spanish: Planta Hidroeléctrica Xacbal) is a reinforced concrete gravity dam and power plant spanning the Xacbal River in the municipality of Chajul, Guatemala.

A 10.35 m high dam diverts the river's water flow to a sand filter and on through an open conduction channel to a daily regulation reservoir located outside the river channel. A 4.7 km conduction tunnel with at diameter of 4.65 m, directs the water through a 615 m long pressure pipe (diameter 3.55 m) to the power house. The water is diverted back to the Xacbal river channel.[1]

The plant has 2 x 47 MW Francis vertical axis turbines with an installed capacity of 94 MW. A 120 km transmission line was built to connect the power plant to the national grid. Annual power production is estimated at 486 GWh.[1][2]


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