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Xanthosis is a yellowish discoloration of degenerating tissues, especially seen in malignant neoplasms. Can be differentiated clinically from jaundice as the sclerae are coloured yellow in jaundice, but are not discoloured in xanthosis.[1]

Other uses[edit]

Fruit farming[edit]

Xanthosis, or yellows, is a mid 20th century term for strawberry mild yellow-edge virus, a disease in strawberries, cause by the strawberry aphid. The disease is prevalent throughout the Americas.[2]

Meat industry[edit]

Xanthosis is a brown pigmentation of skeletal and heart muscles of cattle. The condition is particularly seen in older animals, and in some wasting diseases.[3] Prevalent in Ayrshire cattle and their crosses.[4]


It was the championship word used in the 1995 Scripps National Spelling Bee.[5]


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