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The Xenophobe's Guide books are a series of short books published by Oval Books that aim to give the reader the most important information about a country or region in a humorous way. They briefly describe its culture and history and something of the values held by its people under headings like "Business", "Language", etc.

The books are written by a team consisting of Anne Tauté, Sally Horton, Catriona Tulloch Scott, Vicki Towers, and Tobias Steed.

The editions include:

  • The Americans
  • The Aussies
  • The Austrians
  • The Belgians
  • The Canadians
  • The Chinese
  • The Czechs
  • The Danes
  • The Dutch
  • The English
  • The Estonians
  • The Finns
  • The French
  • The Germans
  • The Greeks
  • The Icelanders
  • The Irish
  • The Israelis
  • The Italians
  • The Japanese
  • The Kiwis
  • The Norwegians
  • The Poles
  • The Portuguese
  • The Russians
  • The Scots
  • The Spanish
  • The Swedes
  • The Swiss
  • The Welsh

Lingo Learners[edit]

Xenophobe also publishes a language learning book series under the name Xenophobe's Lingo Learners. The current editions include:


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