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"Xerez" redirects here. For the wine grape, see Xerez (grape).
Xerez CD log.svg
Full name Xerez Club Deportivo, S.A.D.
Nickname(s) Xerecistas, Azulinos ("Blues")
Founded 1947
Ground Chapín, Jerez,
Andalusia, Spain
Ground Capacity 20,523
Chairman Ricardo García Sánchez
Manager Jesús Mendoza
League Primera Andaluza
2013–14 Tercera División - Group 10, 19th (relegated)
Current season

Xerez Club Deportivo, S.A.D., known simply as Xerez, is a Spanish football team based in Jerez de la Frontera, Province of Cádiz, in the autonomous community of Andalusia. Founded on 24 September 1947 it plays in Primera Andaluza, holding home matches at Estadio Municipal de Chapín, with an overall 20,742-seat capacity.

Team colours are usually blue shirt and socks, and white shorts.


Due to the link between Jerez de la Frontera and the United Kingdom created by the exports of sherry (Jerez in Spanish), football had its beginnings in the region towards the second half of the 19th century. In the early 20th century Sir Thomas Spencer, who worked with the William & Humbert winery, founded Sociedad Jerez Foot-Ball Club – he also served as chairman, player and captain.

From 1942 to 1947 the club had several names, ending with Jerez Club Deportivo, which was changed to the current name in 1960s. Xerez first reached the second division in 1953–54, remaining there for five years; previously, in the 1940s, the team had promoted on the field but, due to the "high national interest" of the dictatorial government, left its position to España de Tánger Football Club.[1]

Matchday in Chapín

The team's new stadium, Estadio Municipal de Chapín, was inaugurated on 10 July 1988, replacing the old Estadio Domecq – the first match there was a friendly against Real Madrid. After decades in that category and also in the third, it had a 2001–02 second level campaign which almost resulted in an historic La Liga promotion, only one year after doing the same thing; the club seemed certain to gain promotion all season, but ultimately failed after a dramatic loss of form towards its closure, only gaining four points in the last eight matches.

Since then, Xerez finished in the top 10 in division two each campaign, except in the 2007–08 season when a weak start led to a 15th-place finish. The following campaign proved excellent, as the club was always in the top positions: on 13 June 2009, after beating SD Huesca 2–1 at home, it achieved promotion to the top division for the first time in its history. In the final day of the competition, a draw at Celta de Vigo proved enough for the title, as CD Tenerife lost 1–2 home to CD Castellón in the final minute.[2]

The first season of Xerez in the top flight would be short-lived, as it ended in relegation. After only collecting seven points from the first 19 games – which led to the sacking of coach José Ángel Ziganda – the club amassed 27 in the remaining 19 with Néstor Gorosito as boss, not good enough however to prevent the drop as last (the club, however, had chances to stay up until the final round, a 1–1 draw at CA Osasuna).

Xerez ranked eighth and 14th in the two following second level seasons, respectively. The 2012–13 campaign, however, was disastrous on all levels, as the team finished in 22nd and last position as a direct consequence of enduring serious financial difficulties for several years,[3][4] and the situation culminated with the club being relegated to the fourth division on 1 August.[5]

After the Xerez's relegation, a bunch of supporters founded a new club in the lower leagues, named Xerez Deportivo FC due to the club's institutional problems.[6] While the latter was promoted to Primera Provincial, the former was again relegated, this time to Primera Andaluza.[7]

Club background[edit]

Xerez Fútbol Club - (1907–46) → ↓

Xerez Club Deportivo - (1947–)

Club Deportivo Jerez - (1942–46) → ↑


Recent seasons[edit]

Celebrating promotion to La Liga
Season Cat. Pos. Pl. W D L GS GA P Cup Notes
2002–03 2D 6 42 17 13 12 55 53 64 Round of 16
2003–04 2D 9 42 12 18 12 47 49 54 3rd round
2004–05 2D 8 42 14 17 11 39 36 59 2nd round
2005–06 2D 7 42 18 13 11 60 46 67 5th round
2006–07 2D 8 42 16 10 16 47 42 58 Round of 32
2007–08 2D 15 42 12 16 14 47 56 52 Round of 32
2008–09 2D 1 42 24 10 8 73 42 82 2nd round Promoted
2009–10 1D 20 38 8 10 20 38 66 34 Round of 32 Relegated
2010–11 2D 8 42 17 9 16 65 51 60 Round of 32
2011–12 2D 14 42 13 11 18 50 66 50 2nd round

Season to season[edit]

Season Division Place Copa del Rey
1947/48 Regional 2nd -
1948/49 Regional 1st -
1949/50 7th -
1950/51 6th -
1951/52 10th -
1952/53 1st -
1953/54 11th -
1954/55 6th -
1955/56 12th -
1956/57 10th -
1957/58 16th -
1958/59 2nd -
1959/60 1st -
1960/61 2nd -
1961/62 2nd -
1962/63 12th -
1963/64 2nd -
1964/65 1st -
1965/66 3rd -
Season Division Place Copa del Rey
1966/67 1st -
1967/68 12th Round of 32
1968/69 7th -
1969/70 2nd 1st round
1970/71 1st 3rd round
1971/72 19th 4th round
1972/73 6th 2nd round
1973/74 16th 1st round
1974/75 5th 3rd round
1975/76 7th 2nd round
1976/77 8th 2nd round
1977/78 2ªB 7th 2nd round
1978/79 2ªB 7th 2nd round
1979/80 2ªB 13th 1st round
1980/81 2ªB 8th -
1981/82 2ªB 1st 1st round
1982/83 19th 3rd round
1983/84 2ªB 6th Round of 16
1984/85 2ªB 6th 1st round
Season Division Place Copa del Rey
1985/86 2ªB 1st 3rd round
1986/87 6th 1st round
1987/88 9th 3rd round
1988/89 12th 4th round
1989/90 10th 2nd round
1990/91 20th 3rd round
1991/92 2ªB 8th 1st round
1992/93 2ªB 2nd 4th round
1993/94 2ªB 5th 2nd round
1994/95 2ªB 9th 1st round
1995/96 2ªB 11th -
1996/97 2ªB 2nd -
1997/98 21st 3rd round
1998/99 2ªB 11th 1st round
1999/00 2ªB 3rd -
2000/01 2ªB 3rd Round of 32
2001/02 4th 3rd round
2002/03 6th Round of 16
2003/04 9th 3rd round
Season Division Place Copa del Rey
2004/05 8th 2nd round
2005/06 7th 5th round
2006/07 9th Round of 32
2007/08 15th Round of 32
2008/09 1st 2nd round
2009/10 20th Round of 32
2010/11 8th Round of 32
2011/12 14th Second round
2012/13 22nd Second round
2013/14 19th Third round
2014/15 1ª And. - -

Current squad[edit]

As of 20 February 2015

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
Spain GK Fabio
Spain GK Miguel Guerrero
Spain DF Isra
Spain DF Alex
Spain DF José Barragán
Spain DF Juni
Spain DF Chino Quirós
Spain DF Álvaro
Spain DF José Cabeza
Spain MF Alberto
Spain MF Albertito
Spain MF Juan Caro
Spain MF Juan Beato
Spain MF Nene
No. Position Player
Spain MF Jorge Daza
Spain MF Luis Páez
Spain MF Dani Goma
Spain MF Rafa
Spain MF Pedrito
Spain MF Antonio Blanco
Spain MF Jesús Vega
Spain MF David Casares
Spain MF Nico
Spain MF Álex García
Spain FW Paquito
Spain FW Beni
Spain FW Juanma Romero
Spain FW Fran Vargas


Selected players[edit]

Note: this list includes players that have played in at least 100 league games and/or have reached international status.

Selected coaches[edit]


Reserve team[edit]

Founded in 1975, Xerez CD B was disestablished in 2014.


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