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Xhavit Haliti (born 8 March 1956 in Novo Selo, Peć, Kosovo) is a Kosovo Albanian politician and philosopher, linguist and one of the founders of the Kosovo Liberation Army.

Xhavit Haliti
Born 8 March 1956
Novo Selo, Peć, SFR Yugoslavia
Occupation Politician, Deputy of Chirman of Asmably of Kosovo
Political party
Democratic Party of Kosovo - PDK (1999-

Early life and education[edit]

Haliti was born in a village of Pec where finished elementary school and high school later ended the Faculty of Philology in trades Literature at the University of Pristina and join the illegal group which gets later named Democratic Progress of Kosovo and member the People's Movement of Kosovo where will later was investigated for crimes as part KLA's

Life and politics career 1987-[edit]

Haliti Start 80s where his career in 1986 where he opposed the regime of Serbia towards Kosovo taking part in illegal communist group called the Resistance Front that Kosovo to supplying the guerrillas with weapons that will be recognized by von KLA was named by von Haliti will be put under surveillance by the secret police of Yugoslavia UDBA and will be confined to activities supersive to Yugoslavia and separatist activities. In 1987 forced to leave Kosovo which runs in Switzerland where he meets Azem Syla and Ali Ahmeti joins People's Movement of Kosovo a communist nationalist group later became democratic who had the task of collecting funds for illegal guerrilla groups and organizations Later in 1997 will be known by the name of Kosovo Liberation Army Halti Albanian diaspora contributed to give maximum for the issue of Kosovo and acclaimed for his contribution to the issue of national liberation the Kosovo. In 1993 joins of KLA which joins known figures as Fatmir Limaj, Jakup Krasniqi, Rexhep Selimi, Hashim Thaqi, Adem Grabovci, Nait Hasani. The diplomat had the People's Movement of Kosovo role and delegate of Kosovo delegation in Rambouillet 1993 Haliti became a member of the Party for Democratic Progress of Kosovo and later the party was recognized in 1999 as the Democratic Party of Kosovo, where the EU and the member of the Presidency in 2001 after the liberation of Kosovo became a deputy in the Kosovo Assembly elected in 2007 was elected to parliament and vice mayors of Kosovo

Role in KLA[edit]


  • During the years 1987-1999 he was a memberThe Presidency of the PPLPK]]
  • In 1993 was founder KLA
  • During the years 1993-1999 he was a member The KLA
  • Since 1999 is member [citation needed] The Presidency of the PDK
  • Since 2001 is member of the Assembly of Kosovo and member of the Presidium of the Assembly of Kosovo in the three legislations.
  • Since 2007 is deputy chairman of the Assembly of Kosovo