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Xia may refer to:

Chinese history[edit]

Other uses[edit]

  • Xia (夏), a Chinese surname, from Xia Dynasty, Chen, Qin, Dòngzú, Tujia, Xibe, etc.
  • Xia (philosophy), a Chinese philosophy similar (but not identical) to the chivalrous code of European knights
  • Huaxia, the majority ethnic group later known as the Han Chinese after the Han Dynasty
  • Xiafs, a file system developed for the Linux operating system together with the Ext2 file system
  • Xia County, Shanxi, in China
  • Xia class submarine, a Chinese ballistic missile submarine
  • XIA, the ICAO Code for Irving Oil, Canada
  • Xia, a place in the fictional Bionicle universe
  • XIA (Junsu), a Korean pop artist also known as Xiah and Junsu

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