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Xian Modern Ark 700 (MA700)
Xian MA700 LeBourget2013 2096.JPG
Xian MA700 Mock-up at Paris Airshow 2013
Role Turboprop airliner
Manufacturer Xi'an Aircraft Industrial Corporation under the Aviation Industry Corporation of China
First flight 2016
Introduction 2018
Primary user China
Developed from Xian MA600

The Xian Modern Ark 700 (MA700) is a proposed all new and Chinese designed turboprop regional airliner.

Xi'an Aircraft Industry Corporation under the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) is the developer. Design assistance is being provided by the Ukrainian company Antonov. When it was first announced (2007) it was presented as a 70-seat aircraft. However, when a model of the proposed craft was shown at the 2008 Airshow China,[1] it was touted as capable of offering 80 seats in 4-abreast configuration.

The MA700 is conventional configuration, with a non-swept tapered wing mounted high on the mid-fuselage. Its two Pratt & Whitney Canada engines are tractor-mounted. The 2008 model was equipped with 6-bladed slightly swept propellers. The main bogies of the tricycle landing gear are carried on faired pods outside the pressure capsule. The empennage has T-tail configuration. The 2008 model showed 28 exterior window openings on each side of the passenger area.

At the 2008 Airshow China, an announcement was made of changes to the organizational structure of the Chinese aircraft industry. The units formerly known as AVIC I and AVIC II have been re-merged into a single unit known as AVIC, or China Aviation Industry Corporation, in the future.[2]

Specifications (MA700)[edit]

General characteristics

  • Crew: two pilots
  • Capacity: 70-80 passengers
  • Length: 30 m (98 ft)
  • Wingspan: ()
  • Height: ()



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