Xiangshan District, Hsinchu City

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Coordinates: 24°46′28″N 120°55′35″E / 24.774578°N 120.926487°E / 24.774578; 120.926487

Xiangshan District in Hsinchu City
Xiangshan District

Xiangshan District (Chinese: 香山區; pinyin: Xiāngshān Qū) or Siangshan District is a district in southwest Hsinchu City, Taiwan. It is the largest district of the three districts in Hsinchu City.



It is most well known locally for the Hsiangshan Industrial Park and for having the major portion of Hsinchu City's "17km Scenic Coastline" boardwalk.


It is also home to three of Hsinchu's private universities: Chung Hua University, Yuanpei University and Hsuan Chuang University.

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