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Xie Na
Happy Camp (variety show) 1.jpg
Happy Camp, 2009. Xie Na is third from the right.
Chinese name 谢娜
Pinyin Xiè Nà (Mandarin)
Born (1981-05-06) 6 May 1981 (age 33)
Deyang, Sichuan
Other name(s) Nana
Occupation Actress, singer, hostess
Spouse(s) Zhang Jie (2011–present)[1]
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Xie.

Xie Na (simplified Chinese: 谢娜; traditional Chinese: 謝娜; pinyin: Xiè Nà) (born May 6, 1981), also named Nana is a Chinese host, singer and actress.[2] She is famous for co-hosting the TV program Happy Camp (variety show) which airs on Hunan Satellite TV with fellow hosts He Jiong, Li Weijia, Du Haitao, and Wu Xin. She graduated from Sichuan Normal University where she majored in the performance department.[3]


Prior to becoming a host, Xie Na started her career as an actress, starring in movies, TV series and stage productions. In 2006, she released her autobiography Na Shi Yi Zhen Feng(Chinese:娜是一阵疯).[4] In 2008, her second book "Na Xie Nian Hua"(Chinese:娜写年华) was published.[5]

At the age of 18 Xie Na was a North Drifter, travelling to Beijing to seek her fortune. She signed a contract with Huayi Brothers Musical Record Company in 2006 and launched her debut album 'Bo Luo Bo Luo Mi' (Chinese:菠萝菠萝蜜)[6] at the end of that year.

Offscreen Life[edit]

Personal life[edit]

On 26 September 2011, Xie Na was married to Zhang Jie, a singer from China. Their wedding is set in Shangri-La County, Diqing in Yunnan(Chinese:云南迪庆州香格里拉).Shangri-La is famous for its natural scenery and is called "somewhere closest to paradise".[7] In the wedding site, popular Chinese hosts like He Jiong, Li Weijia, Du Haitao, Wu Xin from Happy Camp, as well as actors like Wu Qilong, Su Youpeng, Zhao Benshan and so on.[8]

Love Experience[edit]

The puppy love in Xie Na's adolescence stage is mysterious and indeterminate, so this part will be omitted. The love experience here means the love story of Xie Na since she became a public figure. In short, there are two men involved--Liu Ye and Zhang Jie.

Liu Ye, was the first man Xie Na fell in love with when she came to Beijing. At that time, Xie Na was still a utility cast and nobody. It was the Chinese TV series Street of Happiness in 2000 that familiarized Xie Na and Liu Ye. In this series, Liu Ye was the protagonist while Xie Na just acted an insignificant character. During the process of making the series, Xie Na and Liu Ye treated each other like normal friends. Until one day, Liu Ye broke the window paper and they started a romantic relationship. The relationship went on smoothly as Liu Ye grew more and more famous. In the 38th Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards,[9] Liu Ye won the Best Leading Actor because of the excellent acting skill in Lanyu. But this sudden fame gave Xie Na much pressure, like a label of Liu Ye’s girlfriend was attached to her. Later, they relationship drifted apart as from 2004, Xie Na’s career began to prosper. Liu Ye once said in an interview: “If Xie Na is willing to be my wife, I won’t hesitate to marry her in a day.” The words were still there but they broke up after 6-year relationship.
[10] The end of the romantic relationship tortured Xie Na for a long time until she ran into Zhang Jie in a TV reality show- Super Boy, which was organized by Hunan Satellite Television in 2007. Xie Na was the hostess of the 2007 Super Boy while Zhang Jie was just a participant of it . On 6 July 2007, after Zhang Jie won the 4 to 3 knockoff round, he thanked Xie Na in front of the public. Gossip of them had the wings from then. Their relationship was vague and fogged at that time. In 2008, Zhang Jie released an album called The Day After Tomorrow. In the MV of the title track, Xie Na and Zhang Jie acted as a couple who were facing a dilemma but finally overcame it. This is one of the milestone in their love story. Their relationship finally came onto the surface in 2009 when Zhang Jie admitted it on the red carpet of Baidu Recreation Boiling Point. Although there were still many people who held a critical attitude towards their love, they responded to these consensus by action. On 5 May 2011, Xie Na and Zhang Jie registered their marriage in Chengdu. Shortly after, they held their wedding ceremony in Yunnan (Chinese: 云南迪庆州香格里拉) on 26 September 2011.

Commercial Activity[edit]

More and more stars begin to have their own brand, including Xie Na. On 15 October 2010, Xie Na founded her personal brand “HUANXING”.[11] There is a story behind the brand. The Happy Family always pronounce the word “fashion” with a Hunan accent, making the word sounds like “Huashion”. Xie Na herself uses this twisted pronunciation most frequently and makes the pronunciation “Huashion” a fashion. So when she was preparing for the business, she chose “HUANXING” as its brand name. The business is a success through varied ways of marketing. First, Xie Na takes many photos of the clothes and uploads them onto the Twitter. At the same time, many popular stars like Zhang Jie, He Jiong, Su Xing, Cao Ying backs Xie Na by wearing clothes of her brand to attend different activities. In this way, increasing number of people get to know the brand. To make the commodities more available, Xie Na opened a flagship store in Taobao Mall online.

Screen Life[edit]

Xie Na has created many works during the last decade of her career. Her works cover film, TV series, music album, variety show, stage play and so on. In the following part, the main works of Xia Na will be involved.


Year Title Chinese title Role Costar
1996 Young Liu Bocheng 青年刘伯承 The daughter of Liu Bocheng (刘伯承之女) Sun Song (孙松), Wang Zhigang (王志刚)
2007 Two Stupid Eggs 大电影2.0之两个傻瓜的荒唐事 Mei Feng (美凤) Guo Tao (郭涛), Yao Chen (姚晨)
2007 Si Da Jin Chai 四大金钗 Daughter of Beggar (丐帮之女) Wu Zongxian (吴宗宪), Annie Wu(吴辰君)
2008 Na Na De Mei Gui Zhan Zheng 娜娜的玫瑰战争 Ding Na (丁娜) Li Chengxuan (李承铉)
2009 Tracing Shadow 追影 Tang Wei (唐薇) Pace Wu (吴佩慈), Fang Zuming (房祖名), Wu Zhenyu (吴镇宇)
2009 Mars Baby 火星宝贝之火星没事 Tina Huang Lei (黄磊), Wong Jing (王晶), Tong Dawei (佟大为)
2010 Love Tactics 爱情36计 A Touch Of Zen(侠女) Daniel Chan (陈晓东), Liu Ye (刘烨)
2010 Beauty on Duty 美丽密令 Lu Wu Yi Shan(陆伍易珊) Lu Yi ( 陆毅), Sandra Ng(吴君如)
2010 Xi You Ji 嘻游记 Zhu Ba Jie(朱八姐) He Jiong(何炅), Wang Zi (王子)
2010 Super Player 大玩家 the eighth fairy (八仙女) Sun Xing (孙兴), Vincent Chiao (焦恩俊), Huo Siyan (霍思燕)
2010 The Legend of Silk Boy
2010 Love in Disguise
2012 Marry a Perfect Man 嫁个100分男人
2013 Fantastic Adventure
2013 Bring Happiness Home 快乐大本营之快乐到家
2013 Princess and the Seven Kung Fu Masters 笑功震武林 Mai Danghong (麦当红) Ronald Cheng (郑中基), Sandra Ng (吴君如)
2013 Running All the Way 一路狂奔
2013 My Boyfriends 我的男男男男朋友
2014 My Geeky Nerdy Buddies 大宅男
2015 The Left Ear 左耳

TV Series[edit]

Year Title Chinese title Role Costar
1999 Young Hero Fang Shiyu 少年英雄方世玉 Xiao Li (小丽) Zhang Weijian (张卫健), Louis Fan (樊少皇)
2000 Street of Happiness 幸福街 A Lanc(阿兰) Liu Ye (刘烨), Zhang Wen (张文)
2000 Qi Wu Shi 棋武士 Han Xiang (含香) Zhang Weijian (张卫健), He Meidian (何美钿)
2003 A Pair of Embroidery Shoes 一双绣花鞋 Tan Xin (谭辛) Sun Li (孙俪), Qian Yongfu (钱勇夫)
2003 The Feeling of Summer 夏天的味道 Fang Ping (方平) Liu Ye (刘烨), Tong Dawei (佟大为), Yu Na (于娜)
2004 Wei Qing 24 Xiao Shi 危情24小时 Chi Jin (迟瑾) Ren Quan任泉), Liu Wei (刘威), Bao Lei (鲍蕾)
2005 Ji Su De Liang Man Qing Chun 极度的浪漫青春 Li Shuangshuang (李爽爽) Zhang Liang (张亮), Li Jialin (李佳璘)
2005 Di Ren Jie Xi Yuan Lu 狄仁杰洗冤录 Lian Zi(莲子) Ou Yangzhenhua ( 欧阳震华)
2006 Xi Qi Yang Yang Zhu Ba Jie 喜气洋洋猪八戒 Tie Qin Princess(铁琴公主) Gao Xin(高鑫), Huang Haibing(黄海冰)
2008 Zhuang Shi Chu Zheng 壮士出征 Yang Paifeng(杨排风) Sun Xing (孙兴), Wang Gang (王刚)
2008 The Legend of the Condor Heroes 射雕英雄传 Hua Zhen Princess(华筝公主) Hu Ge (胡歌), Lin Yichen (林依晨)
2009 Beauty Is Not Bad 美女不坏 Jian Ai (简爱) Guo Pinchao (郭品超), Evonne Hsu (许慧欣)

Music Album[edit]

  • Album "Bo Luo Bo Luo Mi"(Chinese:菠萝菠萝蜜)(2006)
  • Single “NANA Zhu Yi” (Chinese:NANA 主义)(2008)
  • Album “Yue Wan Yue feng” (Chinese:乐玩乐疯)(2010)
  • Album “Blue Chocolate ” (Chinese:蓝色巧克力)(2011)
  • Album “You’ll See the Happiness” (Chinese: 快乐你懂的)(2010)(PS: This album is released in the name of Happy Family)

Prior to be a host, Xie Na sometimes shows her singing talents and potential. Although she uses her talents in a funny way, her debut album "Bo Luo Bo Luo Mi"[12] (Chinese:菠萝菠萝蜜) was released by Huayi Brothers Musical Record Company. The theme song of the album is also called “Bo Luo Bo Luo Mi”. Meanwhile, the fusballstadion songs are “Ling Ling Ling” and “NANA Zhu Yi” which are typical of her music style. (Chinese:NANA 主义)
Two year later, in 2008, Xie Na’s single “Hua Gu Mian Zhang” (Chinese:化骨绵掌) came onto the market. This song was supposed to be included in the second album, but the 2008 Sichuan earthquake disturbed the schedule. Year 2009 witnessed the expiration of Xie Na’s contrast with the Huayi Brothers Musical Record Company before the release of the second album. Due to the harmonious cooperation, the company finally brought off the memoir album of nostalgic cover version called “Yue Wan Yue feng” (Chinese:乐玩乐疯). In the name, pun is used.
The third one “Blue Chocolate ” (Chinese:蓝色巧克力) was released in 2011.
As a member of the Happy Family in the variety show the Happy Camp, Xie Na, together with the other four hosts He Jiong, Li Weijia, Du Haitao, Wu Xin, delivered their unique album “You’ll See the Happiness” (Chinese: 快乐你懂的) in 2010.[13]


Xie Na is a versatile and allround star, therefore, many awards of different types have been presented to her. Most well known for being a hostess in the variety show- Happy Camp, Xie Na, together with He Jiong, Li Weijia, Wu Xin, Du Haitao, spares every effort to flourish the show. Hard work pays off, the Happy Camp has had many awards, such as the Best Variety Show Award in the 13th Asia TV Festival in 2008.[14] In addition, here is the awards table for Xie Na as an individual.

Year Recipient Award Result
1998 the Fifth Push the New National Competition in the Movie and TV performance group Gold Award[15]
2006 the Dance Battle(season 1 chapter 2) Gold Award[16]
2007 “Entertainment award ceremony” the best actress of stage play Won
2007 “celebrity dancing show” Bronze Award
2008 “The Sprite Music Awards Ceremony” Best new female prospect award Won


  • Na Shi Yi Zhen Feng (Chinese:娜是一阵疯) (2006)
  • Na Xie Nian Hua (Chinese:娜写年华) (2008)


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