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Type Private
Industry Digital Asset Management (software)
Founded 1991
Headquarters CA, USA
Key people Scott Seebass, former CEO of Xinet
Products Xinet

Xinet is a digital asset management system. Xinet, the company was acquired by North Plains Systems in April 2012. North Plains is headquartered in Toronto, Canada with offices in Berkeley, California and Munich, Germany.


A key part of Xinet history has been the company’s expertise in Unix operating systems. AT&T first distributed their Unix source-code to university researchers at Carnegie Melon and U.C. Berkeley. U.C. Berkeley researchers popularized their own version of Unix, which became known as “Berkeley Unix.” In 1979, when AT&T announced its intention to commercialize Unix, it prompted the researchers at U.C. Berkeley to form a cooperative set called MT Xinu, which set out to package Berkeley Unix as a commercial operating system and to handle support for it among its users. In 1983, MT Xinu was among the first companies to release a commercial version of Unix called BSD Unix 4.2.

Throughout 1987–1989, MT Xinu released the first Unix-to-Mac connectivity software and the first AppleTalk print spoolers (K-spool). Xinet AppleTalk server file-sharing products, K-AShare, and K-FS joined K-Spool in 1990. Over time, MT Xinu had become more of a consulting company, since hardware vendors had begun to produce and promote their own versions of Unix. Xinet first emerged as the division of MT Xinu, which was responsible for developing and supporting a server for Unix that would connect with Mac clients. In 1989, some of MT Xinu’s employees, including former Xinet CEO Scott Seebass, decided to form a separate company.

Incorporated in 1991, Xinet retained all of MT Xinu’s key software engineers as well as all the source-code rights to continue making the “K-products.” Xinet determined that its expertise in Unix/Mac connectivity would be a good foundation for developing software for the prepress industry, so in 1995, Xinet released FullPress, the foundation for its DAM system.


Xinet [1] is a server-based digital asset management system that streamlines the collection, access, production, distribution, security and archiving of digital media for graphics and media professionals. It encompasses the following components:

  • FullPress—a file server and production engine
  • WebNative—a server-based digital asset management system integrated with graphic production and networking infrastructure
  • WebNative Venture—an enterprise-strength SQL database with metadata driven capabilities
  • WebNative Portal—a secure, multiple-server asset management system

The company distributes the Xinet system worldwide through a network of resellers, including the US, France, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Germany, Sweden, the UK, Australia, Japan, and Brazil. Xinet has a worldwide customer base of advertising agencies, retailers, printers, publishers, and corporations.

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