Xinfeng, Hsinchu

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Coordinates: 24°55′N 121°0′E / 24.917°N 121.000°E / 24.917; 121.000

Xinfeng Township in Hsinchu County
Xinfeng Township

Xinfeng Township (Chinese: 新豐鄉; pinyin: Xīnfēng Xiāng) is a rural township in Hsinchu County in northern Taiwan. It had an estimated population of 55,826 as of 2014.


Xinfeng is a major industrial and manufacturing center in Hsinchu. It shares the Hsinchu Industrial Park with its neighboring town, Hukou. It is also the home of Ming Hsin University.

Administrative divisions[edit]

  • Fuxing Village
  • Jingpu Village
  • Houhu Village
  • Ruixing Village
  • Potou Village
  • Puhe Village
  • Xinfeng Village
  • Yuanshan Village
  • Zhongxiao Village
  • Shanqi Village
  • Zhonglun Village
  • Shangkeng Village
  • Fengkeng Village
  • Zhongxing Village
  • Qiding Village
  • Songlin Village
  • Songbo Village[1]



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Railway West Main-line Xinfeng Station
Highway Tai1
Highway Tai15

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