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Coordinates: 24°10′58.5″N 120°37′32.6″E / 24.182917°N 120.625722°E / 24.182917; 120.625722

Location of Xitun District
Xitun District
Xitun District office

Xitun District (Chinese: 西屯區; pinyin: Xitún Qū, literally "western village") is the most populated district of Taichung in Taiwan, the Republic of China, located in the north-western part of the city. Though Xitun District used to be considered part of the countryside, the new City Hall will be built up in the Urban area of Xitun district. The district is also a shopping center of the city, both the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi and Taiwan's largest department store Top City, completed in late 2011 is located beside it. The government is also constructing the new, glamorous Taichung Metropolitan Opera house not far from the shopping centre due for completion in 2013, hoping to attract international visitors to Taichung. The district is also the location of the 7th redevelopment area in Taichung.[1][2]

Administrative divisions[edit]

Xian Village, Zhishan Village, Xiping Village, Xidun Village, Chaoyang Village, Longtan Village, Huilai Village, Shangshi Village, Shangan Village, Shangde Village, Pengjia Village, Pengfu Village, Pengcheng Village, Hecuo Village, Heming Village, Hena Village, Hecheng Village, Hean Village, Heren Village, Hede Village, Hefu Village, Heyuan Village, Dahe Village, Dashi Village, Dafu Village, Dapeng Village, Gangwei Village, Guangfu Village, Lincuo Village, Yongan Village, Fuan Village, Fuya Village, Fulin Village, Furui Village, Fulian Village, Fuhe Village, Fuzhong Village, Fuen Village, Xiehe Village.[3]


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