Xmas Demos (Fluke album)

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Xmas Demos
EP by Fluke
Released 2000
Recorded 2000
Genre Electronica
Label Virgin Records
Producer Fluke

Xmas Demos is a promotional CD featuring demo versions of tracks later released on Puppy by the English electronic music band Fluke. Four of the songs, "YKK", "Nebulus", "Baby Pain", and "Expo 00" (as simply "Expo"), were eventually included on Puppy. "Liquid" and "Another Kind of Blues" were cut from the final product.

The "Another Kind of Blues" featured on the Xmas Demos is an entirely different song than the track found on Puppy. "Slap It", originally released as its own single, was renamed to "Another Kind of Blues" upon its inclusion on Puppy. The Xmas Demos version of the track did not make any other appearances.

This EP was never sold commercially and was only released on the Virgin Records label for promotional use only.


Xmas Demos
Format: White label promotional CD-R
Label: Virgin Records
Released: 2000
Tracklisting: 1. YKK (7:07)
2. Nebulus (6:08)
3. Baby Pain (6:02)
4. Liquid (5:38)
5. Expo 00 (6:35)
6. Another Kind of Blues (4:59)