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For the music project by DJ Bat, see Xorcist.
Studio album by X-Raided
Released December 12, 1995
Recorded 1993-1995
Genre Gangsta Rap, Horrorcore, G-funk, West Coast Hip Hop
Length 54:27
Label Black Market Records
Producer X-Raided, Sicx, Ill, Ced Singleton
X-Raided chronology
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Xorcist is the second album by rapper X-Raided. It was released on December 12, 1995 for Black Markert Records and featured production from X-Raided, Ill and Sicx. The album was recorded over phone by X-Raided while he was at Sacramento County Jail.

From 1993 to 1995 X-Raided recorded a large amount of material entirely over the telephone in jail awaiting trial and prison. These recordings were released on the 1995 album "Xorcist". The exact means used to get the recordings is unknown, but the quality of X-Raided's material on the album is substantially less than studio quality, especially when intermixed with collaborations with other artists where the sound quality is normal.

He says the lyrics mirror his state of mind at the time which was very sneaky and excited. In an interview he stated that he made Xorcist while on trial. A track on the album begins with a recording of a collect call from X-Raided which identifies him as "an inmate in Sacramento County Jail".


In 2009, Fangoria named it as an iconic horrorcore album.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Open Tha Casket"- 0:59
  2. "I Ain't Dead Yet"- 5:24
  3. "Recognize" (feat. Babe Reg & Lunasicc) - 5:11
  4. "Body Count" (feat. Da Misses) - 3:48
  5. "Collect Call"- 0:18
  6. "Check Your Bitch"- 5:06
  7. "Blaze Up"- 0:21
  8. "Wanna Get High?" (feat. Lunasicc) - 5:47
  9. "Unxplainable"- 1:09
  10. "Deuce-5 To Life"- 4:39
  11. "Unfukwitable" (feat. Da Misses & Babe Reg) - 3:51
  12. "Liquor, Niggaz & Triggaz" (feat. Brotha Lynch Hung & Sicx) - 5:43
  13. "Done Deal" (feat. Da Misses) - 4:39
  14. "Brainz"- 1:02
  15. "Wit a Mask On" (feat. Da Misses, Chopah, Killa Hoe & Lunasicc) - 6:27
  16. "Mo' Brainz"- 0:51


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