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Hudur is located in Somalia
Location in Somalia.
Coordinates: 4°7′12″N 43°53′16″E / 4.12000°N 43.88778°E / 4.12000; 43.88778Coordinates: 4°7′12″N 43°53′16″E / 4.12000°N 43.88778°E / 4.12000; 43.88778
Country  Somalia
Region Bakool
District Hudur
 • Total 12,500
Time zone EAT (UTC+3)

Hudur (Somali: Xuddur) is a town in the southern Bakool region of Somalia. It serves as the province's capital and is the center of the Hudur District.


Hudur is located in southwestern Somalia. It sits at 4°7′12″N 43°53′16″E / 4.12000°N 43.88778°E / 4.12000; 43.88778.

During the Islamist insurgency of the 2000s, the city was seized by Al-Shabaab. In March 2014, Somali Armed Forces assisted by an Ethiopian battalion with AMISOM re-captured the town from the militants.[1] The offensive was part of an intensified military operation by the allied forces to remove the insurgent group from the remaining areas in southern Somalia under its control.[2]

According to Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed, the government subsequently launched stabilization efforts in the newly liberated areas, which also included Wajid, Rabdhure and Burdhubo. The Ministry of Defence was providing ongoing reassurance and security to the local residents, and supplying logistical and security support to deliver relief assistance. Additionally, the Ministry of Interior was prepared to support and put into place programs to assist local administration and security. A Deputy Minister and several religious scholars were also dispatched to all four towns to coordinate and supervise the federal government's stabilization initiatives.[3]


As of 2000, Hudur had a population of around 12,500 inhabitants.[4] The broader Hudur District has a total population of 93,049 residents.[5] Most local residents belong to the Hadame clan, a group with strong religious ties. The main language spoken in the town is the Cushitic Maay language.


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