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Xue Zhiqian (Chinese: 薛之谦; pinyin: Xuē Zhīqiān, born July 17, 1983[1]), also Jacky, is a Chinese singer and actor.

Xue competed in the competition My Show, which is similar to American Idol in the United States. Xue remained in the contest for three months, and was one of the four last remaining contestants. He did not obtain the number one prize. Marconi Calindas of the Saipan Tribune said in 2006 that Xue "is now reaping the attention of fans more than anyone else in the competition."[2]

Xue's first album, self-titled, was released in June 2006. This album had over 200,000 copies sold and became the number one most sold in its market for a period. As of 2006, Jacky Xue is the highest selling new recording artist in China.[2]

The next year, the singer published his sencond studio album under Universal Music China, repeating the success of his previous debut album. Xue is an actor in the film The University Days of a Dog.[3]

Xue was a member of the judging panel of the Budweiser All-Star Concert.[4]


  • 2006: Jacky Xue
  • 2007: U can do it
  • 2008: Deeply loved
  • 2012: Several of...
  • 2013: An expected journey


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