Xueyu Cave

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Xueyu Cave
Country People's Republic of China
Region Chongqing Municipality
Location Fengdu County
Length 1.6 km (1 mi)
Interior of the Xueyu Cave

Xueyu Cave (Chinese: 雪玉洞; pinyin: Xuěyù Dòng; literally: "Snow Jade Cave") is a National Three Gorges Scenic Area and a National 4A Scenic Area located in Fengdu County, Chongqing Municipality, People's Republic of China.


The cave's interior is China's only pure-white, jade-like example whilst it continues to expand due to erosion in the surrounding karst landscape. 1,644 metres (5,394 ft) long, of which 1,161 metres (3,809 ft) have been explored, [1] Xueyu Cave is spread over three levels. Inside, both the 8 metres (26 ft) Stone King's Flag (石旗王) and the 4 metres (13 ft) high Stone King's Shield (石盾王) features are the largest of their type in the world.[citation needed] There are also numerous examples of corals.

The surrounding area is also home to rare animal species including macaque, wild boar, and golden pheasant[1]

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