Xukuru language

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Native to Brazil
Region Pernambuco
Ethnicity 6,400 Xukuru people (1999)
Extinct (date missing)
Language codes
ISO 639-3 xoo
Glottolog xuku1239[1]

Xukuru (Xucuru, Shukurú) is an extinct and poorly attested language of Brazil. It is also known as Kirirí, Kirirí-Xokó, Ichikile. It is only known from a few words elicited from an elder in 1961. Loukotka (1968) says it forms a small family with Paratió.

Other languages with this name[edit]

Xukuru-Kariri is a variety of Xokó, which may be a Kariri language. The name Kiriri is shared by Dzubukuá, another Kariri language, and by Katembri. The name Kiriri-Xoko is shared with yet another variety of Xokó.


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