Xun You

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Xun You
Strategist of Cao Cao
Born 157[1]
Died 214 (aged 57)[1]
Traditional Chinese 荀攸
Simplified Chinese 荀攸
Pinyin Xún Yōu
Wade–Giles Hsün Yu
Courtesy name Gongda (traditional Chinese: 公達; simplified Chinese: 公达; pinyin: Gōngdá; Wade–Giles: Kung-ta)
Posthumous name Marquis Jing (Chinese: 敬侯; pinyin: Jìng Hóu; Wade–Giles: Ching Hou)
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Xun.

Xun You (157–214),[1][2] courtesy name Gongda, was a politician who served as an advisor to the warlord Cao Cao in the late Eastern Han Dynasty. He later opposed Cao Cao taking the title of "King of Wei". His uncle, Xun Yu, was better known. In the Wade–Giles version of Romance of the Three Kingdoms, he and his uncle have the same name, Xun Yu. He helped advised Cao Cao in the Battle of Red Cliffs alongside Cheng Yu.

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