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Xylogics started out building disk and other controllers for DEC hardware.

They also built serial terminal servers from 4-port to 72-port units under the product name Annex.[1]

Xylogics was acquired by Bay Networks in December 1995 which in turn was acquired by Nortel in June 1998.[2] After Nortel's bankruptcy in 2009, support for the remaining Annex products ended up with Avaya. Xylogics was located in Burlington, MA.

The Multibus based Xylogics 450 SMD and Xylogics 451 ESMD disk controllers along with Interphase Multibus SMD disk controllers were significant to the workstation and minicomputer industry during the 1980s as a low cost interface the low cost, high performance, high capacity SMD and ESMD disk drives available at the time. Sun 1, Sun 2 and Sun 3 servers[3] and Silicon Graphics IRIS,[4] HP/Apollo[5] all used Xylogics 450 and 451 disk controllers.

Xylogics Multibus 450 SMD Disk Controller Board


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