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N Xyrc D9741.JPG
Xyris complanata flower close-up
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
(unranked): Angiosperms
(unranked): Monocots
(unranked): Commelinids
Order: Poales
Family: Xyridaceae
Genus: Xyris
  • Kotsjiletti Adans.
  • Xuris Adans.
  • Xyroides Thouars
  • Ramotha Raf.
  • Synoliga Raf.
  • Schismaxon Steud.

Xyris is a genus of flowering plants in the Yellow-eyed-grass family. The genus counts over two hundred fifty species, widespread over much of the world, with the center of distribution in the Guianas.[2][3][4]

Stand of mostly Xyris complanata in a small wetland

The leaves are mostly distichous, linear, flat and thin or round with a conspicuous sheath at the base. They are arranged in a basal aggregation. The small, yellow flowers are dioecious, borne on a spherical or cylindrical spike or head (inflorescence). Each flower grows from the axil of a leathery bract. The fruit is a non-fleshy, dehiscent capsule. In Xyris complanata a single flower bud on the spike appears in the morning, and expands into a conspicuous flower during the afternoon hours.[3]

The APG II system, of 2003, places the genus in family Xyridaceae, into the order Poales in the clade commelinids, in the monocots.

Species include:[1] [3]

  1. Xyris andina Malme
  2. Xyris ambigua Beyrich ex Kunth
  3. Xyris baldwiniana Schultes
  4. Xyris brevifolia Michaux
  5. Xyris caroliniana Walter
  6. Xyris complanata R.Br.
  7. Xyris difformis Chapman
  8. Xyris drummondii Malme
  9. Xyris elliottii Chapman
  10. Xyris elongata Rudge
  11. Xyris exilis Doust & B.J.Conn
  12. Xyris fimbriata Elliott
  13. Xyris flabelliformis Chapman
  14. Xyris flexifolia R.Br.
  15. Xyris gracilis R.Br.
  16. Xyris gracillima F.Muell.
  17. Xyris inaequalis N.A.Wakef.
  18. Xyris indica L.
  19. Xyris indivisa N.A.Wakef.
  20. Xyris isoetifolia Kral,
  21. Xyris jupicai Richard
  22. Xyris juncea R.Br.
  23. Xyris lacera R.Br.
  24. Xyris lanata R.Br.
  25. Xyris laxiflora F.Muell.
  26. Xyris laxifolia Martius
  27. Xyris longisepala Kral
  28. Xyris marginata Rendle
  29. Xyris montana Ries
  30. Xyris muelleri Malme
  31. Xyris operculata Labill.
  32. Xyris pauciflora Willd.
  33. Xyris platylepis Chapman
  34. Xyris roycei N.A.Wakef.
  35. Xyris scabrifolia R. M. Harper,
  36. Xyris serotina Chapman
  37. Xyris smalliana Nash
  38. Xyris stricta Chapman,
  39. Xyris tennesseensis Kral
  40. Xyris torta Smith
  41. Xyris ustulata L.A.Nilsson


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