Yıldız Tilbe

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Yıldız Tilbe
Yıldız Tilbe - Konser01.jpg
Background information
Birth name Yıldız Tilbe
Born (1966-07-16) July 16, 1966 (age 48)
İzmir, Turkey
Genres Pop-folk
Occupations Singer
Years active 1991–present

Yıldız Tilbe (born 16 July 1966) is a Turkish pop folk singer and one of the best selling musical artists in Turkey,[1] known especially for her eastern-infused ballads.

Early life and career[edit]

Her father is from Ağrı and her mother is from Tunceli.[1][2]

While performing at a nightclub in 1991, she met Sezen Aksu.[1] For some time, she worked as a backing singer and collaborated with several other artists on their music projects.[3] Yıldız released her debut album Delikanlım in 1994 and songs from this and later albums have received airplay overseas.[4]

Tilbe writes most of her songs herself and she also composes for other artists, including Tarkan.[3]

Antisemitism and Anti-Israel Views[edit]

After the 2006 Israeli airstrike on Lebanon, during a television appearance Tilbe said, "May God bring down one disaster after another upon Israel," to which the studio audience answered, “Amen.”[5]

In response to Israeli airstrikes on Gaza in early July 2014, Tilbe is reported to have said on social media site Twitter: "God bless Hitler, it was even too few what he did to the Jews, he was right" and "The Jews will be destroyed by Muslims, in the name of Allah, not much time left for it to be done".[6][7]

Tilbe's tweets received support from the mayor of Turkey's capital Ankara, Melih Gökçek, who is a member of the ruling Justice and Development Party and himself a controversial figure.[8]


Year Title (Turkish) Title (English) Sales Source
1994 Delikanlım

Sivesi Sensin Askin 2014

My Boy 600,000+ [9]
1995 Dillere Destan A Legendary Story
1996 Aşkperest Love Obsessed
1998 Salla Gitsin Dertlerini Let Your Worries Go
2001 Gülüm My Rose
2002 Haberi Olsun Let Him Know 2,500,000 [10]
2003 Yürü Anca Gidersin Go You'll barely reach It 2,500,000 [10]
2004 Yıldız'dan Türküler Folk Songs From Yıldız 650.000+ [11]
2004 Sevdiğime Hiç Pişman Olmadım Never Regretted Loving You 380,000 [11]
2005 Papatya Baharı Camomile Spring 300,000 [11]
2006 Tanıdım Seni Now I Know You 150,000 [11]
2008 Güzel Beautiful 123,000 [12][11]
2009 Aşk İnsanı Değiştirir Love Will Change Man 100,000 [11]
2010 Hastayım Sana Sick for You
2011 Oynama Do Not Play
2013 Dünden Bugüne Arabesk


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