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Yıldız Holding
Founded Flag of Turkey.svg 1944 Istanbul, Turkey
Founder Sabri Ülker
Headquarters Flag of Turkey.svg Istanbul, Turkey
Key people
Murat Ülker (Chairman) and Ali Ülker
Products Ülker
Godiva Chocolatier
BN Biscuit
Go Ahead Biscuits
Delacre Biscuits
DeMet's Candy Company
Revenue Turkish lira symbol 8x10px.png15.7 Billion (2013) [1]
Owner Ülker Family
Number of employees
41,000 [2]
Divisions Packaging, Biscuit, Chocolate, Food, Beverage, Confectionery and Chewing Gum, Frozen Food, Personal Care, Information Technologies and Real Estates Investments
Slogan "A stellar company which always strives to please its customers, employees and stakeholders, putting smiles on their faces"
Website Yıldız Holding

Yıldız Holding is a major Turkish manufacturer of food products.

Company at a glance[edit]

Yıldız Holding has 65 companies, including Godiva Chocolatier since 2007. Its foreign revenue is $1.3 Billion USD, exporting 160 brands and 2,700 products to 110 countries. The company has 53 plants around the world, including 44 in Turkey and 9 abroad; it spends 1.5% of profits on research and development, launching 100 products every year. Their supply network enables the employment of over 100,000 farmers and supports for livelihood of over 500,000 more people.[clarification needed] Yıldız Holding weekly distributes to 220,000 points of sale, partnering with such companies as Kellogg's, Hero Group, Raisio Group, and Cargill. The company's biggest purchase was United Biscuits, a major British confectionery company with sites operational in Manchester, Leeds, and Halifax.

Yıldız Holding sponsors the following sports teams:

Groups of Yıldız Holding[edit]

Ülker (Biscuit, Chocolate) Group
  • Group President - Ali Ülker

The group is responsible for production, marketing, sales and distribution of traditional goods of Yıldız Holding including biscuits and chocolate, as well as additional and relevant products, such as cakes, flour and baby food.

Food,[clarification needed] Beverage, Confectionery and Chewing Gum Group
  • Group President - Mehmet Tütüncü

The group operates the production and sales of vegetable and olive oil, margarine, milk and dairy products, soft drinks, starch-based sugars, ready-to-cook soups and other culinary supplements, breakfast cereals, functional food, confectionery and chewing gum.

Non-Food Group
  • Packaging Group Vice President -

The group is constituted for production of basic packaging materials such as cardboard boxes, packages, plastics and BOPP films used for packaging of Ülker branded goods. Today, the group is placed well-among the suppliers for a variety of packaging materials for customers both in and outside of Turkey, as well as providing services for Yıldız Holding companies.

  • Real Estate Investments Group Vice President -

The real estate group was founded in 2007, mostly under Sağlam REIT (a public real estate investment trust), Sağlam Construction and many SPVs manages the real estate portfolio of Yıldız Holding. The group has a significant share in Acibadem Akasya Project (a mixed use urban residential and shopping district). Real Estate Investment Group currently owns and operates Marinturk marinas, Starcity Outlet Center, Ulker Arena, and develops new projects in emerging areas of the greater city of Istanbul.

Food,[clarification needed] Frozen Food and Personal Care Group
  • Group President -Dr. Zeki Ziya Sözen

The group is responsible for the management of the subsidiaries operating in the fields of tea, frozen food and personal care.

Retail Group;
  • Group President - Mustafa Yasar Serdengecti

The group is responsible for the management of the retail operations of Yıldız Holding.

International Operations Group
  • Group President -

The group is responsible for identifying the feasibility of international projects and manages the investments of Yıldız Holding in 7 different countries.

Financial Services Group
  • Group President -

The Group is responsible for Yıldız Holding’s Purchasing, Law and IT functions, as well as management of the Holding’s financial and treasury operations. It is also responsible for the coordination of Holding’s financial subsidiaries.

Marketing, Strategy and Retail Group
  • Group President -Jim N. Zaza

The group is responsible for the management of all the brands including Ülker as well as preparing the strategic plans. The Group also manages Yıldız Holding’s investments in the retail field.

HR, Legal Affairs, Trade and Media Purchasing Group
  • Group President -

The group is responsible for the management of the HR activities throughout the whole groups and companies as well as the management of the legal affairs. The group is also responsible for the purchasing activities related to both trade and media.

  • CEO - Jim Goldman

Godiva, which joined Yıldız Holding at the end of 2007, is one of the leading premium chocolate brands in the world.[citation needed]

  • CEO - Murat Ülker
  • CFO - Cem Karakaş
  • CMO - Ahad Afridi
  • Corporate Relations GM - Zuhal Şeker Tucker
United Biscuits

Owned since November 2014

Executive Board[edit]

  • Honorary Chairman - Sabri Ülker
  • Chairman - Murat Ülker
  • Vice Chairman - Ali Ülker
  • Board Member - Ahmet Özokur
  • Board Member - Cem Karakaş


Sabri Ülker starts manufacturing with only three employees and produces 75 tons of biscuit in his first year.
Ülker triples its biscuit production capacity with its Topkapı facility, which is established specifically for this purpose.
Products are distributed to sales points at factory gate prices, with no charge for transportation.
Ülker increases product variety. German machinery is bought to be used in manufacturing.
Anadolu Gıda is established in Ankara as a listed company and doubled Ülker biscuit production capacity.
Exports start with Middle Eastern markets.
Ülker establishes a second factory in Istanbul and starts manufacturing chocolate.
R&D department is established to compete with international companies.
Facilities producing Biaxially Orientated Polypropylene (BOPP) and cardboard boxes come on stream.
Yıldız Holding starts manufacturing some of its own equipment.
Yıldız Holding enters the margarine, vegetable oil and industrial food oil market.
Its first partnership with a foreign company, Pendik Nişasta, is established.
A second international partnership, on a 50/50 basis is started with Dankek.
Yıldız Holding enters the dairy industry.
Yıldız Holding’s King Top product wins the Worldstar Packaging award at the Düsseldorf Interpack Exhibition.
Yıldız Holding enters the chewing gum, instant soup and cooking additives market.
To expand in foreign markets, the Company establishes manufacturing plants in various countries.
Yıldız Holding restructures for the new millennium-Five Group Heads are created and an Executive Board is formed.
Yıldız Holding's first baby food brand is created in Ankara in partnership with the Swiss-based Hero company.
The Company also starts ice cream and Turkish coffee production.
Production of soda (Çamlıca) and cola-style beverages (Cola Turka) starts.
A sales company focusing on supermarket channels is established.
Yıldız Holding enters the instant coffee market with its Café Crown brand.
The first biscuit factory built from scratch starts operations under the name Eurex Alimentare in Romania.
Ülker is chosen as the best candy producer in Europe and receives the Candy Kettle Club Award.
Yıldız Holding entered the cereal market with Kellogg’s, and created Ülker Kellogg's. Cereal production starts in partnership with Kellogg’s.
Kalbim Benecol, the Company’s first cholesterol lowering functional food item, is launched.
İçim Smartt is introduced to youngsters to contribute to their mental and physical health.
Yıldız Holding enters the personal care category with Baby Star.
The company acquired Godiva, one of the world’s leading premium chocolate companies.
Uno, Doğa Çay, Oba Çay and Kerevitaş joined Yıldız Holding.
Yıldız Holding have formed a 50/50 joint venture with Gumlink to operate in the field of non-chocolate confectionery and chewing gum with the Continental Confectionary Company.
Yıldız Holding goes into a joint venture with McCormick, USA to expand into spices and cooking aids market.
The company purchases the major British confectionery manufacturer, United Biscuits and becomes the world's 3rd largest confectionery manufacturer.[3]


  • Yildiz Holding introducing DVD

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