Bananaman (comedy duo)

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Native name Bananaman (バナナマン?)
Years active 1993–
Employer HoriPro com
Universal D
  • Osamu Shitara
  • Yūki Himura

Bananaman (バナナマン?) is a Japanese owarai comedy duo consisting of Osamu Shitara and Yūki Himura.


Shitara and Himura formed as a comedy unit in 1993 and debuted on stage in 1994.[1][2] Himura had broken up with his previous partner and Shitara was working as the driver of the comedian Masayuki Watanabe, so they formed a duo after a friend introduced them.[1] They concentrated on skit comedy,[3] developing a theatrical style that emphasized verbal repartee.[4] In 2008, they came in second on the nationally televised annual King of Conte skit comedy contest.[5] Up until then, Bananaman had concentrated on live performances and DVD releases,[4] but afterwards began to appear more on television. Himura appeared on the most shows (19) of any comedian during the 2009 New Year's period,[6] and the duo received their own show, Banana Fire, for the first time in April 2009.[7] After that, they became the hosts of several other television shows, including Nogizaka tte doko? (with Nogizaka46),[8] Banana-juku,[9] and Why did you come to Japan?,[2] in addition to appearing as regulars on other shows like Beat Takeshi's Unbelievable.[10] Shitara and Himura also appear by themselves on various programs, with Shitara, for instance, hosting the live news program Nonstop!.[11] They have also appeared in acting roles on film and television (for instance, Shitara in Kakusho ~ Keishicho Sōsa 3 Ka[12]). In the year 2012, Shitara appeared on more television programs than any other Japanese personality, appearing in 611 programs, 163 with Himura (Himura was ranked 12th with 428 television appearances).[13] Shitara also led the rankings for the first half of 2013.[14]




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