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YBP 1194 is a G5V star in the open cluster M67 in the constellation Cancer.[1][2] It is the best solar twin found to date, having the same temperature, mass, and chemical abundances as our sun. On December 19th 2013, it was announced to have an extrasolar planet with a period of 6.9 days, an eccentricity of 0.24 and a mass of 0.34 MJ.[3] Two more planets were later discovered.[2]


It was discovered in January 2014 by researchers at the European Southern Observatory (ESO) that three new planets were discovered in the M67 cluster, two of them orbiting YPB 1194, showing that open star clusters are more likely to have planets orbiting them then originally thought.[2][4] The composition of these planets is as yet unknown.[2]


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