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YDreams is a Portugal-based interactive technology company headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal, with offices in Barcelona, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and New York City. The company combines technology, art and design to create immersive experiences[clarification needed], interactive architecture[clarification needed] and innovative solutions[clarification needed] that are redefining the way we interact with information and contents.[citation needed]

YDreams was founded in June 2000 by António Câmara, José Miguel Remédio, Edmundo Nobre, Eduardo Dias and Nuno Correia, professors and researchers in areas ranging from information technology, telecommunications, image processing, geographic information systems and environmental engineering at the Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia of the New University of Lisbon. Currently the company CEO is (and has been from the on start) António Câmara.

The privately owned company employs over 120 people with backgrounds in the disciplines of software, mechanical and electrical engineering, graphic and communication design, industrial and interaction design, Augmented Reality, human-computer interaction and robotics.

Over the past decade the company has been developing full-scale interactive environments, with a special focus on the field of Augmented Reality and Natural User Interface (NUI), and building up its intellectual property portfolio. All of the company’s proprietary technologies are researched and developed in-house at its R&D lab, and then integrated into customized projects and solutions.

The company has developed over 600 projects for global clients such as Adidas, Vodafone, and Coca-Cola, and established research and cooperation partnerships with Microsoft, Siemens, Sonae Indústria, and Metoxid (CUF Group), amongst others.[citation needed]

In recent years the company’s growth and achievements have been referenced in articles in publications such as Wired[1](magazine), Business Week and The Economist's[2] Technology Quarterly Review. YDreams has also been profiled on CNBC Europe, TVE, Euronews and France 24.[3]

Over the years, YDreams has also received a number of noteworthy awards such as: an Auggies Award, the first Augmented Reality Oscar at ARE 2010, the Gold Award for Environments, from the Industrial Design Society of America (2004), and the Dibner Award (2003). In 2006, António Câmara, YDreams founder and CEO and also a professor at the Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia of the New University of Lisbon, was awarded the Prémio Pessoa.

Joint Ventures & Spin Outs[edit]

In December 2008, YDreams joined with a North American partner to found New York-based Audience Entertainment, a global company that creates & commercializes audience games and experiences for grand-scale venues.

In January 2010, YDreams created its first spin out company, Ynvisible, a company focused on the development of new technologies in printed electronics; in February 2011, Ynvisible’s shares were listed on the First Quotation Board (Open Market) of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

In the first quarter of 2011, YVision, the company division that focuses on Natural User Interfaces (NUI) and Augmented Reality (AR) officially became YDreams’ second spin out. The company will specialize in developing Software Development Kits (SDK), which will be licensed to third parties to create engaging and robust NUI applications.


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