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Country of origin China
Status In development
Liquid-fuel engine
Propellant Liquid oxygen / Liquid hydrogen
Mixture ratio 5.5
Cycle Gas-generator
Chamber 1
Thrust (vac.) 699.5 kilonewtons (157,300 lbf)
Thrust (SL) 509.6 kilonewtons (114,600 lbf)
Isp (vac.) 4,178 meters per second (426.0 s)
Isp (SL) 3,040 meters per second (310 s)
Burn time 500 seconds (8.3 min)
References [1]

The YF-77 is China's most powerful cryogenic rocket engine using liquid hydrogen fuel and liquid oxygen oxidizer. Engine development began in the 2000s, with testing directed by the China National Space Administration (CNSA) commencing in 2005. The engine has been successfully tested by mid-2007.


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