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YRU-Up is a live, late-night Educational-access television cable TV show that is broadcast on BEC-TV (Bloomington Educational Cable Television) in Bloomington, Minnesota. It features live callers and pre-taped sketches. Billing itself as "Bloomington's Favorite Live-Late-Night-Call-In Show", YRU-Up was started in 1991 by Bloomington Kennedy High School student Andrew Starks and BEC-TV Director Tom Ringdal. People who have gotten their start working for the show and have continued in the television and movie industries include award-winning animators, Cable TV hardware and software executives, and Hollywood writers, including the team who writes the National Lampoon "Dorm Daze" movies(Patrick Casey and Worm Miller). Produced at Bloomington Educational Cable Television (located in Valley View Middle School), the show airs every Saturday morning (late night Friday) from 12:30 AM to 2:00 AM. The show can also be seen streaming live on the web at www.tbc14.org.