Y Fron

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Y Fron
Coordinates: 53°04′12″N 4°13′42″W / 53.0700°N 4.2284°W / 53.0700; -4.2284Coordinates: 53°04′12″N 4°13′42″W / 53.0700°N 4.2284°W / 53.0700; -4.2284
Country Wales
Region North Wales
Local Government Area Gwynedd
Elevation 383 m (1,257 ft)

Y Fron, also known locally as Cesarea, after the chapel, is a country village on the south-west side of Moel Tryfan,[1] overlooking the Nantlle Valley, in North Wales, near Rhosgadfan and Carmel, on the tail of Mynydd Mawr, with epic views of Trum Y Ddysgl and Craig Cwm Silyn.

During the 19th century (1890's) the nearby mountain of Moel Tryfan slate quarry was a significant local employer. During this time, Y Fron was home to a bustling community and had several commercial outlets; Butcher/Abattoir, General store, Shoe shop, Post Office, Bakers, Barber, Chip shop, furniture store. Although Moel Tryfan quarry is closer to Rhosgadfan, the railway track which carried slate to Slate Quay in the Royal town of Caernarfon passed through Y Fron and around to the area called Bryn; the road between Y Fron and Rhosgadfan. The slate waste mountains or Slag heaps that were left behind from decades of mining are now being put to use as materials for roads.

In 2002 the Moel Tryfan quarry was used to film Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life.

The village school, Ysgol Bronyfoel,[2] was established in 1844. It has a sloping football pitch and a small play park attached. The historic 'Cesarea' Chapel was demolished in 2009, to make way for developing houses.

The village attracts many walkers throughout the year, who begin their venture towards Mynydd Mawr and eventually around Snowdonia and onto Trum Y Ddysgl and Craig Cwm Silyn.

Annually, during the spring (April), Y Fron plays host to a small endurance race called Ras Mynydd Mawr; Big Mountain Race. The race begins, with registration at the local school, Ysgol Bronyfoel and continues to the peak of Mynydd Mawr, which is approximately 3.75 miles, raising 1500'.


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