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"Ya Mustafa", also spelled "Ya Mustapha" (in Arabic يا مصطفى), is a well-known multilingual song of Middle-Eastern origin, which has been recorded in many different languages. Several different versions, including parodies, have been recorded. The song first became popular in Europe with the help of the Egyptian-born Lebanese-Palestinian singer Bob Azzam, who released it in 1960 in France.[1]


The refrain of Bob Azzam's version of the song is "Chérie je t'aime, chérie je t'adore, como la salsa del pomodoro, يا مصطفى, يا مصطفى, أنا بحبك يا مصطفى" - French - "Honey , I love you, honey, I adore you", Italian - "like tomato sauce". Arabic - "Oh Mustafa, oh Mustafa, I love you oh Mustafa". This song is a love song, a man is singing to a man. Besides the superlatives, he sings, in Arabic: I waited seven years for you, now the moment had come. Come drink with me and have a good time. And in French: When I saw you on the balcony of Maxim's place, you told me to come upstairs and not to care for any manners.


The song has been performed in many different versions by many different singers worldwide, including Greek ("Μουσταφά"), Turkish and Serbian ("Mustafa") languages, where they are very popular in the respective countries. There was also a Hindi version used in the soundtrack of a Bollywood film. The music of the song is influenced by Greek music. The song was very popular in the 1950s and early 1960s, but its popularity is revived with newer versions of the song.

  • In Europe the song became popular with the help of the Egyptian-born Lebanese-Palestinian singer Bob Azzam, who released it in 1960 in France. Azzam's version was also a hit on the UK Singles Chart, where it spent 14 weeks and peaked at number 23.[2]
  • One of the singers to record this song (in 1962) was the Jewish-Turkish-French singer Dario Moreno.[1]
  • In Spain, in 1960, the song reached #1 in the charts in two versions sung by Bob Azzam and by José Guardiola.[3]
  • Bruno Gigliotti (also known as Orlando), the brother of the famous singer Dalida and founder of the Orlando record label, also covered the song.[1]
  • Kyu Sakamoto also sang a version of this song in Japanese.
  • In 1975, the Turkish Cypriot actress and singer Nil Burak sang "Ya Mustafa".
  • The music was adapted by the Indian composers Nadeem-Shravan and appeared in the film Aatish starring Sanjay Dutt, Aditya Pancholi, Raveena Tandon, Karisma Kapoor. The vocals of Jolly Mukherjee, Mukul Aggarwal and Alka Yagnik were used for the song.
  • The American singer and actress Angélica María made a recording in her album La Magia de Angélica María
  • The Lebanese singer Reeda Boutros has also interpreted the song.
  • Catalan trumpeter Rudy Ventura covered the song in the early 1960s as "Mustafà català".
  • Carles Belda performed "Mustafà català" in Catalan in Barcelona in 2008.[4]
  • The influential British folk-blues guitarist Davy Graham did his own instrumental jazzy version of the song on his album Folk, Blues and Beyond (1964, bonus track re-issued 2002). A short version of this was played live by Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page in a BBC session, called "White Summer/Black Mountainside" (Led Zeppelin Remasters 1). Page's recording and acoustic style generally was heavily influenced by Davy Graham's work.
  • Performed by Yugoslavian singer Djordje Marjanovic in Serbian in 1961.[5]
  • Performed by Serbian vocalist Nenad Jovanovic in Serbian in 1977.
  • Performed by Lola Novakovic - Mustafa Serbian


The song is featured in a number of Egyptian movies, including one starring the Egyptian actor Ismail Yassin in the 1950s, and another featuring Sabah from the same era. It is also used in the Indian film Aatish.


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