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Yaakov Pearlman was Chief Rabbi of Ireland from September 2001-June 2008.[1] Pearlman had previously been the Rabbi of Light of Israel Congregation, in Rochester, New York. A native of Manchester, England, he became the youngest rabbi in Britain when he was ordained at 20. He then moved to the United States, where he earned a master's degree in Jewish history at Hofstra University in New York and a doctorate in education from the University of California at San Diego. After completing his doctorate, he moved to Providence, Rhode Island, where he held a pulpit for nine years. He then served for 22 years in Rochester, first at Beth Joseph and then at Light of Israel.[2] He presently is a Rabbi in Yeshivas Mesivta V'Beis Medrish of Baltimore, headed by Rabbi Tzvi Dov Shlanger. o

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Preceded by
Gavin Broder
Chief Rabbi of Ireland
Succeeded by
Post empty, Acting Chief Rabbi Zalman Lent