Yaba Angelosi

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Yaba Angelosi
Background information
Birth name Angelo Maku
Born South Sudan
Origin American-South Sudanese artist
Genres Afro-pop
Occupations Singer, songwriter, record producer
Instruments Vocals, guitar, bass, piano, keyboards, drums
Labels Assida Records

Angelo Maku better known by his stage name Yaba Angelosi is an South Sudanese American singer, producer, lyricist, songwriter and entertainer. He is founder of Assida Productions. He is popular in Africa and in South Sudanese diaspora in United States, Canada and Europe.

Yaba Angelosi, was the eldest child in the family of eight. He was born in a small town near Juba, South Sudan.[1] His family immigrated to the United States in 2000 and ever since, Yaba has been working to improve his skills. In addition to vocals, he plays guitar, bass, piano and drums.

Angelosi's music mixes catchy African traditional sounds with Western dance music using modern instrumentation and arrangements. He has performed internationally including at The White House, during Sudan's Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) celebrations in District of Columbia and many more. He supported the independence referendum in 2011 with a collective work "Time to Vote (Referendum)" in English and many local languages and in cooperation with a number of South Sudanese artists and personalities.[2][3] A music video was launched directed by Yaba Angelosi and produced by his production company Assida Productions. Also in 2011, he released the 18-track album Survivor that included "Time to Vote"[4] In 2012, he campaigned against bleaching trend in some African communities releasing his single "Black Is Beautiful".

Assida Productions / Assida Records[edit]

Assida Productions, an independent production company was co-founded by Yaba Angelosi and DJ Maurice in 2008. Later on a record label was also developed as Assida Records starting 2011. Now the company has the following divisions: Assida Productions, Assida Films, Assida Promotions, Assida Graphics and Assida TV.

Assida Records label has signed and / or produced for a number of artists including John Taban, Mista D, Refugee Music, Honor Lyrics, Ambra-Tor, Sway, Sultan Clintone, 703 Boys, Habib Musica, Zakqwan Sam, O-Kays, Meve Alange Patrick, DJ Onax, Giafa, V-Ve$ta, Baf Jay, Slick Nick, Flow Youngin, Dynamq, and others.


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