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Yabroud District (Arabic: منطقة يبرود‎) is a district (mantiqah) of the Rif Dimashq Governorate in Syria. At the 2004 official census, the district had a population of 48,370.[1] The centre of the district is the city of Yabroud.


The district of Yabroud is divided into two sub-districts or Nāḥiyas (population according to 2004 official census):

  • Yabroud nahiyah (ناحية يبرود): population 39,604.[2]
  • Assal al-Ward nahiyah (ناحية عسال الورد): population 8,766.[3]

Localities in Yabroud District[edit]

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), the following villages, towns and cities, make up the district of Yabroud:[4]

English Name Arabic Name Population Subdistrict
Yabroud يبرود 25,891 Yabroud
Ras al-Maara رأس المعرة 8,520 Yabroud
Assal al-Ward عسال الورد 5,812 Assal al-Ward
al-Jebbah الجبة 2,829 Assal al-Ward
Ras al-Ayn رأس العين 2,754 Yabroud
al-Sarkha (Bakhah) (الصرخه (بخعة 1,405 Yabroud
Rima ريما 1,034 Yabroud
Wadi an-Naaim وادي النعيم 125 Assal al-Ward


Coordinates: 33°58′N 36°40′E / 33.967°N 36.667°E / 33.967; 36.667