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Yahoo! Directory
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Current status Active

The Yahoo! Directory is a web directory which at one time rivaled DMOZ in size. The directory was Yahoo!'s first offering. When Yahoo! changed to crawler-based listings for its main results in October 2002, the human-edited directory's significance dropped, but it was still being updated as of April 16, 2014.[1] User's could browse thousands of listings which were organized in 7 or more tiers. For example if a user was looking for a site on chess they might follow a path such as: leisure -> games -> board games -> chess.

The Yahoo! Directory originally offered two options for suggesting websites for possible listing: "Standard", which was free,[2] and a paid submission process that offered expedited review.[3] "Standard" was dropped, and now a non-refundable review fee of $299 ($600 for adult sites) is required when suggesting any website. If listed, the same amount is charged annually.

While Yahoo! has closed a number of country-specific directories, the company has stated that it currently "has no plans to close the main Yahoo! Directory" [4]

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