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Yahoo! is an internet content provider:

There was an unrelated software development company in California, named Yahoo Software.

It can also refer to:

In business:

  • Yahoo!, a popular internet content provider, originally a search engine/website directory
  • Yahoo! Search, Yahoo!'s search engine
  • Ask Yahoo!, a platform of Yahoo!, now relaunched on an Answerbase platform

In entertainment and literature:

In religion:

  • An alternate form of Yahu and the Jewish god Yahweh.

In nature:

  • Yahoo (bird), a popular name for the Grey-crowned Babbler
  • Yahoo (horse), a successful National Hunt racehorse
  • Yahoo Falls, a historic waterfall located in McCreary County, Kentucky


  • A brute
  • yahoo, an interjection, shouted in expression of success (for example in achieving a goal)
  • yahoos, slang for breasts